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Scream Filmmakers Reveal Matthew Lillard's Secret Cameos That You Totally Missed

Spoilers for "Scream" (2022) ahead!

The latest chapter in Woodsboro's bloody saga has finally arrived, as 2022's "Scream" introduces audiences to a brand-new version of Ghostface. The series once again employs fascinating meta-commentary to explain the motive of the killer — or is that killers? – proving just as self-aware as the previous films. Of course, that also means that there's plenty of Easter eggs and references to classic horror movies scattered throughout the story, as well as a number of twists that pop up in the ending. 

One twist that many longtime fans were hoping for, of course, was the surprise reveal of one of the original killers: Stu Macher (Matthew Lillard). Over the years, there have been plenty of theories online (per HITC) that suggest Stu survived the events of the first film, even though Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) dropped a TV on his head. And let's not forget that he was originally going to be the killer in "Scream 3." 

In the new "Scream," it once again turns out that Stu isn't the one hiding under the Ghostface mask. But that doesn't mean he's not in the film. The filmmakers behind 2022's "Scream" recently revealed Matthew Lillard does have some secret cameos that you totally missed in the sequel.

Matthew Lillard has a few lines in 2022's Scream

2022's "Scream" is all about paying homage to what came before, while forging a new path for a fresh batch of survivors. So, it's not surprising that the filmmakers wanted to squeeze in a few references to past events ... you know, aside from Sidney, Gale Weathers (Courtney Cox), and Dewey Riley (David Arquette) being a part of the plot. And when speaking to Fandom's Eric Goldman, producer Chad Villella revealed that Lillard actually got to voice Ghostface in the movie-within-the-movie, "Stab 8." 

As Villella explained, "So with Matt Lillard, we have his voice in the movie. He is the voice of the Stab 8 Ghostface with the flamethrower."

However, Lillard's (voice) cameos don't end there. The the producer went on to say, "[H]e also has a line in the house that says, "Cool house, Freeman!" at the party when Amber's (Mikey Madison) walking by." Co-director Tyler Gillett explained that fans will definitely pick up on it when rewatching the sequel, saying "When you hear it again, by the way, you're gonna go, 'Well, f***, of course that's Matt."

Really, it only makes sense that Lillard gets a voice cameo in the party, since it takes place in Stu Macher's old house from the first film. In fact, the house itself is part of the motive for the killers, so it's quite fitting. Amazingly enough, though, that's not the only cameo from some of the original cast: Tyler Gillett also revealed that Jamie Kennedy, aka film expert Randy Meeks, also has a small line in the film: "Jamie Kennedy also voice cameos at the party. He's the guy who says "Someone's goofy a** dad is kicking us out." Nice.