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The Kindaichi Case Files Release Date, Cast, And Plot - What We Know So Far

A good mystery series is like a good puzzle. All the fun comes from trying to figure out who committed the crime alongside the story's hero. In the west, we have iconic detective characters like Colombo and Sherlock Holmes to help guide us to the right answer as the story unfolds. In Japan, however, they have Hajime Kindaichi.

"The Kindaichi Case Files" is a longstanding Japanese mystery series that has existed in many forms over the years, most notably manga, anime, and live action TV. Now, the series is receiving yet another live action revival. Taking stories that have previously been told in manga and anime form, "The Kindaichi Case Files" seeks to retell these iconic mysteries in a modern setting. With a rapidly approaching release date, this series may just be the next thing for your murder mystery watch list. So, with that in mind, here is everything we know so far about "The Kindaichi Case Files."

What is the release date of The Kindaichi Case Files?

At the current moment, no specific release date has been given for "The Kindaichi Case Files." However, there is an established release window for the series. So, at the very least we know that the show will premiere in Japan in April. According to a post on the official website, this new series will be produced on the largest scale the franchise has seen yet. The implication of this statement is that the series will be made available internationally. Unfortunately, there has been no word on how exactly it will be distributed outside of Japan.

This isn't the first time "The Kindaichi Case Files" has gotten a live action series. Historically, however, they have never been broadcasted or streamed outside of Asia. Finding the "Kindaichi" anime series is easy enough, as it is available on Crunchyroll. However, finding a good place to stream the live action versions is much more difficult. Hopefully the creators of this new iteration will release more information on how western audiences can view it as the release date draws near.

Who is in the cast of The Kindaichi Case Files?

So far, only a single actor for the upcoming "Kindaichi Case Files" series has been announced. Playing the part of the series' lead role, Hajime Kindaichi, is actor Shunsuke Michieda. Aside from being the fifth actor to portray Kindaichi in a live action setting, Michieda is also a member of the popular Japanese music group, Naniwa Danshi. Though he has crossed over into acting before, this is the first time that Michieda is playing a lead role for a television series.

Aside from Michieda, the makers of "The Kindaichi Case Files" haven't revealed any other cast members. This is true even for Kindaichi's iconic side characters, Miyuki and Inspector Kenmochi. These two are mainstays of the "Kindaichi" franchise, and are typically the ones assisting Kindaichi in almost every case. Unfortunately, however, fans will have to wait for more information before they learn who will portray these mystery mainstays.

What is the plot of The Kindaichi Case Files?

"The Kindaichi Case Files" follows the adventures of one absurdly smart, yet absurdly insolent high school detective. Hajime Kindaichi — the grandson of another popular Japanese detective character, Kosuke Kindaichi — is rude, lazy, and lecherous. However, he also has a stunning IQ of 180, making him an ace detective. Over the years, Kindaichi has solved dozens of crimes with the help of his childhood friend and love interest, Miyuki, as well as the support of Inspector Isamu Kenmochi.

So far, the exact plot of this iteration of "Kindaichi" has not been revealed. However, the website does state that the series will be remaking classic episodes with a modern perspective. So, for some insight on what may appear in this live action version, it may be appropriate to read the manga or watch the original anime. Either way, a new spin on a classic mystery series is at hand, and though the show itself may be wrapped in mystery, that mystery will unfurl as we come closer to the show's inevitable release date.