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This Marvel Character May Be Too Powerful To Ever Join The MCU

Launching in 2008 with "Iron Man," the Marvel Cinematic Universe has firmly established itself as pop culture juggernaut. Spawning 27 movies, multiple TV shows on both Disney+ and Netflix, and billions of dollars in revenue, it's been impossible to escape these caped crusaders over the last 15 years. Heck, it's gotten to the point where every acclaimed director of so-called prestigious fare is asked to share their opinion on Marvel movies in an effort to spur debate (or incite outrage) on the internet.

Needless to say, everyone has an opinion on Marvel's releases, but they aren't going away any time soon. While most franchises tend to run out of steam after a few movies, the MCU has the luxury of being able to dig into the vaults of Marvel Comics and find an endless supply of characters to make movies about. 

There are plenty of heroes and villains who fans want to see on the screen, but some of them are off-limits for a variety of reasons. And while some characters are off the cards due to other studios owning the rights (for example, Rom the Space Knight), some are being left out of the franchise for creative reasons. One such example is a powerful force that would, most likely, make the current Avengers look obsolete in comparison. Who wants to see that?

What Is Star Brand?

According to Marvel Database, Star Brand is a powerful and significant part of the Marvel Universe. That's because it turns its hosts into omnipotent beings who can only be held back by their own imaginations. Imagine that power falling into the wrong hands ...

Star Brand is essentially a weapon that blends with its host, appearing as a black star-shaped tattoo. A variation of the brand exists in different worlds, though it first appeared in the New Universe and imprinted itself on a fella known as Old Man. The weary gentleman then carried the power until he grew tired of immortality and tried to get rid of it, resulting in him having to pass it on to another person (after failing to attach Star Brand to an asteroid, that is). Many people have inherited its power throughout the years, including a Stone Age caveman called Vnn, a man named Ken Connell, a woman named Suzanne Selby, and at one point, a Tyrannosaurus Rex — yes, really — with that particular carnivorous dinosaur protecting the planet from a Kree invasion. 

Immortality is one thing, but the Star Brand offers so much more to its hosts. Inheriting its powers essentially enables its bearers to do anything, including possessing the ability to fly, teleport and perform feats of almighty strength. It can also manipulate matter and energy to the point that it's capable of killing Beyonders and other celestial beings, which is no small feat.

The Star Brand is triggered by a cosmic paradigm shift known as a White Event, which often leads to the creation of more superpowered individuals. Even failing to pass Star Brand onto another person can give them otherworldly abilities.

Why you shouldn't expect to see Star Brand join the MCU

Every superhero and dastardly villain needs a weakness. No matter how powerful they are, just knowing that they can theoretically be defeated raises the stakes when the proverbial poop hits the fan and chaos ensues. But if Star Brand entered the MCU, the movies would have a cop-out for any situation. The events in "Avengers: Infinity War" and "Endgame" would no longer seem significant, because Star Brand makes Thanos look like the minor leagues. 

With that in mind, as Comic Book Resources points out, it's unlikely that anyone will join MCU wielding such abilities. If Star Brand was written into the movies, it would risk robbing the plots of their tension. Plus, it would overshadow the efforts of the current pantheon of superpowered characters that viewers have grown accustomed to throughout the years. 

Then again, the Marvel lore is littered with plenty of omnipotent beings who could factor into the cinematic franchise someday. Perhaps Star Brand's services will be needed down the line? For now, it remains to be seen if the MCU will find a place for Star Brand. Until then, Wanda Maximoff and Captain Marvel will be at the center of every "who's the most powerful Avenger?" argument.