The Postponed Chicago Fire Storyline Fans Will Finally Get To See

The loyal fanbase of NBC's "Chicago Fire" is often quite vociferous about declaring what they love and what they loathe about any aspect of any season, past or present. The series has been a ratings blockbuster for the 10 seasons it's been on the air (via Rotten Tomatoes), bolstered by both that engaged audience and compelling storyline after compelling storyline. So successful is the "One Chicago" franchise that NBC seems quite intent on giving its viewers what they enjoy for as long as they keep tuning in every week.

Such is the case about a delayed plotline which will finally hit the airwaves this season. The show is planning on revisiting a favorite seasonal event that viewers have been able to indulge in in past seasons, but which hasn't been given screen time since 2019. It's set to feature everyone's favorite first responders dressing up and looking quite fancy. Some of the show's fans quite enjoy this particular event, if only because it means their favorites will get to spend a night having fun together instead of battling flames or dangerous individuals. And it usually means relationship drama — or the start of some big romantic unions. So, what storyline will "Chicago Fire" fans finally get to see once more?

Gala season is upon us, Chicago Fire fans

Per recent comments from "Chicago Fire" showrunner Derek Haas to TVLine, an upcoming episode of the "One Chicago" series will feature the return of the Chicago Fire Department Gala. The fancy dress event, which allows the members of Firehouse 51 (and, in turn, the show's stars) to dress up and intermingle, used to be a staple of the series. However, the special event storyline has not been a part of recent seasons. "[W]e haven't been able to do [the Gala] since COVID," Haas said, and ominously added, "It's definitely not going to go the way you think it's gonna go."

After a quick scan of the "Chicago Fire" IMDb episode listings, the Chicago Fire Department Gala used to be a November sweeps event for the series. It was often earmarked as a place where the show's various romantic entanglements would bloom — or become even more complicated — as the saucy clip of Dawson (Monica Raymund) and Casey (Jesse Spencer) via NBC reminds us. Per the scheduling of the event this year, It's possible that the gala will serve as a viewer magnet for February sweeps. In any event, fans of "Chicago Fire" will likely be overjoyed to have the Chicago Fire Department Gala back.