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The Cast Of The Cuphead Show Is Gorgeous In Real Life

2022 is turning out to be quite the year for "Cuphead" fans. The long-awaited "The Last Course" DLC is scheduled to release in July while "The Cuphead Show" is hitting Netflix in February. "The Cuphead Show" has been in the works since 2019 and the cast was announced in 2020. After a sneak peek that also came out in 2020, there wasn't too much information given about the status of the show or when it was projected to release. However, a January 2022 trailer for "The Cuphead Show" revealed it would be hitting Netflix just a month later.

Additionally, fans got to see even more of the incredible art style that mimicked the game's unique, retro-inspired (and hand-drawn) art style. The characters were teeming with life, and the animation was on par with the quality of the game's animation. The characters of the show aren't the only incredible parts to it, though. The cast behind them is just as gorgeous.

Tru Valentino - Cuphead

The head honcho in "Cuphead" is actually the crazy red cup of the same name, Cuphead. His voice actor, Tru Valentino, is just as funny in real life as Cuphead's character is in the series.

Valentino's name has popped up in quite a few shows over the years, including the video game "Psychonauts 2." Most notably, he voiced multiple characters in "Fast and Furious Spy Racers," and he's made smaller appearances in "Spidey and His Amazing Friends," "The Mighty Ones," and "Madagascar: A Little Wild."

Voice acting isn't all Valentino does, though. He's also quite the comedian, and he even ran his own YouTube channel up until 2021. In a clip shared on Twitter by rapidclown, Valentino described Cuphead's personality as "loud," "brash," and "crazy," and he even called him a "troublemaker." In a fun bit, Valentino explained that he gets into the character of Cuphead easily because he also sees himself as a bit of a loud, brash troublemaker.

Frank Todaro - Mugman

Cuphead's sidekick and the cup that's player two in the video game, Mugman, is voiced by Frank Todaro. Todaro has an impressive list of works under his name, including big-name anime like "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure," "My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission," and "Hunter x Hunter." He's also acted in several video games, including "Genshin Impact" and "NiNoKuni." While he's appeared in many roles, his most beloved role was perhaps playing multiple characters in "Transformers: Prime Wars Trilogy."

That's not all, though. Todaro is a man of multiple talents. According to IMDb, he's also a puppeteer, and his Twitter account shows that he's a radio host on top of it all. He's frequently sharing his love of cultural icons like "Lord of the Rings," "Star Wars," and "Doctor Who" on his Twitter account. Todaro also loves animals, sharing pictures of his home's squirrels and naming them. Of course, Todaro also graces fans with pictures of his adorable cat, named Harley Quinn.

Grey Griffin - Ms. Chalice

The DLC for "Cuphead," The Last Course," introduces a third player character into the mix: Ms. Chalice. However, the TV show — which is set to release before the DLC — shows off Ms. Chalice before players get a chance to play her. The third cup in the star trio is voiced by Grey Griffin.

Grey Griffin, who's also known as Grey DeLisle, has a large list of accomplishments in the voice acting field. In 2012, she won the BTVA Voice Acting Award for Voice Actress of the Year, and she's been part of over 40 different teams that have been nominated for their impressive voice cast since. She's worked on plenty of TV shows and video games, including "Batman: Arkham City," "Bayonetta," and "Young Justice."

According to her Twitter bio, Grey DeLisle is also a Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter. Her music can be found on YouTube and music streaming apps, and she even plays instruments like the autoharp.

Luke Millington-Drake - The Devil

The main villain in the "Cuphead" game and TV show is quite literally The Devil, and he's voiced by Luke Millington-Drake.

Luke Millington-Drake is a London native who's fairly new to the scene of voice acting. However, he appeared in "Best Friend Fix" and even a "Say Yes to the Dress" short. While he doesn't have any other voice acting experience, he's got plenty of experience making the internet laugh with his social media accounts.

He's got quite the TikTok following with over 450k subscribers and nearly 13 million likes. His content is focused on comedy, which fits in perfectly with the themes of "The Cuphead Show." Millington-Drake has had multiple videos go viral, including one where he tries his hand at being fake with an iconic scene from "Mean Girls" as the sound.

While Millington-Drake doesn't have the same experience as a lot of the all-star cast here does, the trailer for the show showed off his skills, and he seems fairly comfortable behind the screen.

Wayne Brady - King Dice

King Dice, one of the many bosses in "Cuphead," is slated to make an appearance and is voiced by none other than Wayne Brady.

Brady has quite the background as both a voice actor and a producer. He even had his own TV show in the early 2000s called "The Wayne Brady Show." He's the host and co-executive producer of "Let's Make A Deal," and he's also the executive producer of "Whose Line Is It Anyway," where he won a Primetime Emmy Award in 2003. When it comes to voice acting, he's played roles in "Phineas and Ferb," "Sofia the First," and even "Veggie Tales."

Brady also performs stand-up comedy and enjoys a good Broadway show. In fact, he was over the moon with excitement when Lin-Manuel Miranda, the genius behind the play "Hamilton" and composer of many Disney masterpieces, was excited to see him on stage. Thankfully, fans won't have to wait long to see Brady bring the smarmy singing gambler to life.