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Stan Lee's Animated Series The Reflection Gets First Trailer

Marvel icon Stan Lee is gearing up to executive produce The Reflection, and Bandai Visual has just unveiled the first trailer for the upcoming Japanese animated series. 

The trailer features soaring superhero action sequences, an up-close-and-personal view on a handful of characters like the brooding Xon and the perhaps too eager Eleanor, and a uniquely comic-inspired art style. Rounding out the first look at The Reflection is a voiceover done by Lee himself. "The Reflection, the shocking answer awaits you here," Lee says.

The trailer description includes a short synopsis for the series, which can be roughly translated from Japanese to English as such: 

"Mysterious catastrophe that hit the whole world. This phenomenon, named 'Reflection,' robbed a tremendous number of lives. But there were those who survived. And they each got their own ESP. Three years from then, in the memorial ceremony held in New York, that power was struck before humanity in the form of terrorism. The man who was stained in the darkness came to stand, a man whose identity was unknown, Xon. He was wearing a metallic suit, I-Guy. Eleanor, a girl who pursues... Xon. Why did Reflection happen? Why did they strike a fang of mankind?"

Shinichiro Miki, a voice actor whose credits include Pokemon and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, stars as Xon. Miki is joined by Satoshi Mikami, who gives his voice to the Japanese dub of Elementary, who plays I-Guy. According to the clip's text, The Reflection also features Hunter x Hunter voice actor Mariya Ise as Eleanor Evers and Koi Koi 7 alum Reimi Hanamura as Lisa Livingstone. 

Hiroshi Nagahama (MushishiThe Flowers of Evil) will direct the series alongside character designer Yoshihiko Umakoshi (Heartcatch Pressure!) and sound coordinator Trevor Horn.

The Reflection is set to premiere on July 22, broadcast by Japanese company NHK. Between now and then, discover the untold truth of Stan Lee.