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The One Part Of The Moon Knight Trailer Fans Can't Get Past

"Hawkeye" may have fired its final episode on Disney+, but the streamer has already dropped the first trailer for their next big series that will introduce an all-new hero to the world of live-action Marvel stories. "Moon Knight" marks Oscar Isaac's debut into the MCU as favored caped crimefighter Marc Spector, a former mercenary who suffers from dissociative identity disorder.

The trailer teases Marc's condition by introducing us to the character as Steven, an English museum gift shop employee who is unaware of his true identity and who suffers from a severe case of insomnia. While some details from the trailer are checking boxes for fans — make sure to catch his bandaged-up threads and a flash of the powerful ancient Egyptian god Khonshu — there is one glaring issue some have been pointing out. While fans may be grateful to get their first good glance at this new hero joining Marvel's ranks, the issue they're having trouble with isn't over how he looks. In fact, it's how he sounds that has people worried.

Fans can't ignore Oscar Isaac's accent in Moon Knight

It's not uncommon for actors to take on an accent that is not their own for a part, and over the years, many have failed at the task spectacularly. In the case of Oscar Isaac's English twang in the new trailer, some fans are finding it to be quite jarring. They were quick to voice their concerns on Twitter, with some even throwing up comparisons to one of the most infamously botched attempts at a London accent ever caught on film: Dick Van Dyke in "Mary Poppins." 

Voicing their thoughts on what might be the latest offender, Twitter user @ShopDollyShots said, "oh bless, is that Oscar Isaac trying to do a southeast London accent on 'Moon Knight?'" Meanwhile, @NikLinenBerger spoke for many when they wrote, "'Moon Knight' looks cool but I really don't like Oscar Isaac's fake a– accent. It's very distracting." 

For @SITHLEIAS, taking in the accent was part of a balancing act. They tweeted, "my mind is split between appreciating how amazing moon knight looks and trying to digest oscar isaac with a british accent." 

While British fans may be having a laugh at Isaac's accent work, there could actually be an in-show explanation. Considering the British Steven is just one of the manifestations of Marc's disorder, the accent we hear could be Marc's interpretation of what he thinks an English person sounds like. If that is true, then the wonky English inflection could actually be a super smart way to develop the character. 

Either way, we'll hopefully get to the bottom of Isaac's accent when "Moon Knight" rises on Disney+ on March 30.