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The Quirk That Makes Criminal Minds Fans Love Reid Even More

"Criminal Minds" is a 15 season long crime drama that, even after its ending in 2020, continues to draw in new viewers to experience the series for the first time. Along with new fans, there are those who enjoy rewatching the show and following the team of agents in the FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit as they track down and apprehend some of the worst killers in the nation.

The job isn't easy, and each member of the BAU is specially trained and prepared for whatever may happen in the field. Though, when not working on a case, they are endearing and relatable characters. A fan-favorite character in every season is Dr. Spencer Reid (played by Matthew Gray Gubler). From joining the BAU as a young, yet brilliant recruit, to being one of the team's greatest assets, fans have fallen in love with Reid for a plethora of reasons. One quirk, in particular, has caused fans to love Reid even more — if that's possible.

Reid is affectionate towards those he cares about

Dr. Spencer Reid is undeniably the team's most intelligent member and has used his smarts to capture countless unsubs over the years. Reid's considerable wealth of knowledge mixed with his many quirky characteristics cause fans to quickly warm up to his character. In fact, some quirks are appreciated a bit more than others. 

One Reddit user, u/No_Seesaw_5789 asked, "Does anyone else find it adorable when Reid does that little kiss on the cheek thing when he goes into hug someone sometimes?" The fan then goes on to point out that he's "done it to Garcia a couple of times as well as Prentiss when she comes back. It's such an endearing quirk." It's true that over the years, Reid's character develops many endearing traits that fans adore, and the way he treats his loved ones is top-tier lovable. Another Reddit user, u/iiCupidii, made a post about Reid's hugs and said, "the way he nuzzles his nose into they're [sic] neck is so adorable." 

If there's one thing Reid cares for more than his copious amounts of books, it's his friends and family, and he doesn't hesitate to show it. He shows his fellow agents affection and empathy throughout the whole series, which only helps the show's friendships flourish. Reid's loving hugs are just another part of the character that makes fans of "Criminal Minds" love him even more.