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The Most Expensive Machine Used In Curse Of Oak Island

"The Curse of Oak Island" is a huge favorite among treasure hunters both young and old alike. It's all about brothers Marty and Rick Lagina (and many of their friends), who are following their boyhood dreams of finding the real-life location where X marks the spot. It's all happening on Oak Island, located off the coast of Nova Scotia, which has so many legends and rumors that many people believe it to be cursed. They've had some interesting moments over the show's nine seasons so far, including finding some gold and even launching an exciting spin-off series.

The tools of Lagina and Co.'s trade that make their never-ending treasure hunt so eminently watchable aren't easy to come by. You can't exactly buy effective treasure hunting equipment at your local Walmart or Bass Pro Shop. You've got to go big or go home if you want to find the real deal, where the real deal is ancient artifacts of historical and monetary significance, and the boys on Oak Island take that to the next level. Below, we'll discuss the price points of some of their most essential equipment, including the most expensive machine ever used on the show.

This massive CAT bulldozer costs a whopping six figures

The 18-ton CAT D6N bulldozer audiences see on "The Curse of Oak Island" is one of the most expensive pieces of equipment used by the Laginas and their crew to excavate large sites across the island. According to Kompareit.com, this massive machine can cost anywhere from $350,000 to $500,000 or more for a newer model with all the bells and whistles. According to OEM, this particular bulldozer features Cat Connect Technology, increased fuel efficiency compared to older models, and ease of operation upgrades, among other things.

But it takes more than just a half-million-dollar bulldozer to properly excavate this treasure island. More recent additions include a Caterpillar 336E excavator priced at around $99,500; a D5K Caterpillar crawler for $107,000; and an OKM eXp 6000 Professional Plus metal detector for $34,875, among many, many other expensive pieces of equipment. If you have a few million dollars sitting around and want to start your own treasure hunting adventure, you should start with this excellent analysis from ConstructionEquipmentGuide.com, where they go over the most featured pieces of equipment on the show. Or you could just keep watching "The Curse of Oak Island" and live vicariously through the hosts as they delve deeper into the mysteries that the island still has yet to offer.