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The Captain America: Civil War Fan Theory That's Lighting Up Reddit

"Captain America: Civil War" might just be one of the most emotionally mature and politically engaging films to come out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. At the core of this film is a question of who's allowed to wield power and what happens when the forces that be encroach on individual liberties. Multiple debates rage concurrently with no easy answers in sight. Yet, amidst all of the conflict and turmoil, there's a question that's largely gone unnoticed by the moviegoing crowd, namely which of the Avengers believe it's acceptable to put coffee grounds into the garbage disposal? 

As anyone who's ever owned a Mr. Coffee can attest, you never want to dump the grounds into a drain lest you leave yourself susceptible to clogging and premature breakage. It may seem like an inconvenience to take the grounds all the way to the trash can (or garden if you have a green thumb and want easy fertilizer), but it can eventually save you hundreds of dollars in maintenance fees to have someone fix your disposal. 

Lord knows, Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) can afford a plumber, but it's really the principle of the matter that offends him in the scene. While the debate continues about who truly won in "Civil War," another question without an easy answer emerges: Who was ultimately responsible for incorrectly disposing of the coffee grounds? One Reddit thread may shine a light on the issue currently plaguing Marvel fans.

All evidence points to Wanda as the coffee culprit

As Redditor u/maxsdo points out, a few people spend a decent amount of time at the Avengers compound and are, therefore, suspects in this very important matter. Specifically, they are "Cap, Nat, Vision, Wanda, Rhodie, and Sam." A case is made for each one as to how and why they could be the one dumping their coffee grounds in the sink like an animal, and right off the bat, there are a few we can probably cross off the list.

Captain America (Chris Evans) may be from another time period, but he's also a total boy scout and would likely learn the proper etiquette of coffee grounds right away. Natasha (Scarlett Johansson), Rhodie (Don Cheadle), and Sam (Anthony Mackie) all had lives prior to the Avengers, so they all probably learned to throw coffee grounds in the trash at some point. That leaves us with Vision (Paul Bettany) and Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen), with the latter being the most likely culprit, according to other Redditors.

One of the most upvoted comments hails from u/Inkthinker, who writes, "Wanda is the least likely to be familiar with garbage disposals and their restrictions. Furthermore, during this time she's basically being 'kept like a prisoner,' she's miserable about her brother's death, and is absolutely the most likely to not give two s***s about her billionaire former-arms-dealer semi-jailer's fancy kitchen sink bulls***." Someone else offers even more compelling evidence to suggest Wanda is behind the improper disposal: "Wanda grew up in Sokovia, a European country. Garbage disposals are illegal in much of Europe and uncommon even where they are legal, so she had probably never seen one before moving to America."

As for Vision, the evidence against him is he merely sees coffee grounds as molecules, so why would he care where they end up? Still, he's a highly intelligent A.I. who has access to all the knowledge on Earth. Surely, at some point, he downloaded Keurig instruction manuals to figure out where to put coffee grounds. As such, it seems like it was Wanda all along.