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Why Parker From Alex Rider Looks So Familiar

"Alex Rider" is what happens when you cross James Bond with teenage angst and drama. Inspired by Anthony Horowitz's books, "Alex Rider" stars Otto Farrant, Andrew Buchan, Haluk Bilginer, Brenock O'Connor, and Vicky McClure. The titular character, played by Farrant, is a versatile and cunning teenager who is recruited by a special division of the United Kingdom's elite MI6. MI6 is an intelligence organization, much like the U.S. CIA or the former U.S.S.R.'s KGB, and Alex Rider is tasked with infiltrating a secretive academy for the children of the world's rich and powerful. Rider then becomes entangled in conspiracy and has to use his quick thinking and charisma to survive a world of clones, corruption, and assassins.

George Sear plays Parker Roscoe, who is the heir to a powerful American media empire. However, shenanigans and treachery abound at the Point Blanc academy, and the character may or may not be the person he claims to be. Roscoe(s) appeared in five episodes of "Alex Rider," but fans of the Amazon show might be wondering why the actor looks so familiar.

George Sear got his start on the CBBC show Friday Download

Born on November 14, 1997, George Sear got his first big break on "Friday Download," a British show featuring teenagers and children who talk about television, movies, music, dance routines, and technology. Sear acted as a presenter between 2013 and 2014 and was around the age of 16 at the time. The show was created by Saltbeef Productions, and aired on Children's BBC. The series amazingly only ran between 2011 and 2015, and yet created nine series, or seasons, in those years.

Some of the episodes Sear appeared in were part of Series 5, where he was considered a guest presenter in the "downloads" category. Sear was later bumped up to a full-time presenter role in Series 6, 7, and 8, while also appearing in the "Friday Download" movie (via BBC). Unfortunately, the movie was generally not well-received, and it currently has an 18% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. However, Sear's effort on both the show and movie would not go unnoticed.

George Sear appeared in AMC's Into the Badlands

Another major role of George Sear's was that on AMC's "Into the Badlands." Starring Daniel Wu, Marton Csokas, Orla Brady, Nick Frost, and Emily Beecham, "Into the Badlands" is about a post-apocalyptic future that sees civilization revert to a feudal-like state. The main protagonist of the series, Sunny (Wu), is a deadly enforcer who starts in the employ of one of the future lords, called "Barons," and his skills with melee weapons and combat make him a legend among others of his caste.

George Sear plays Arthur in "Into the Badlands," and appeared in three episodes of the third season (via IMDb). The role saw him act as one of the previously mentioned enforcers, called "clippers," in service of the Widow (Beecham). The Widow herself was counted among the Barons, but her antagonism to the feudal system in current use doesn't exactly earn her many allies, and her faction is utterly ruthless. Sear's character was later stabbed in the series for questioning the Widow's actions and eventually killed by the Widow herself when she stabbed him in the neck.

George Sear plays a huge part in Love, Victor

One of the actor's biggest roles to date is on the Hulu series, "Love, Victor." The show started on June 17, 2020, and stars Michael Cimino, George Sear, Bebe Wood, Ana Ortiz, and Mason Gooding. The series is based loosely on the same world as the film "Love, Simon," and the story follows the exploits of Victor (Cimino) as he makes it through the perilous teenage world of relationships, personality, identity, and sexual orientation.

The show has been a huge hit with fans, and it currently has a 95% critic score on Rotten Tomatoes. Sear plays Benji Campbell, a charismatic openly gay classmate of Victor's. The two eventually end up being boyfriends, and Benji's influence on Victor is palpable through the two current seasons. The show has already been picked up for a third season, which is great because Season 2 ended up on a cliffhanger that sees Victor split between Benji and a new romantic interest, but it was never revealed who he picked. Either way, we are sure to see more of Sear in the future when Season 3 of "Love, Victor" drops.