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Who Plays Margot Wainwright In Netflix's Pretty Smart?

If you're looking for a light-hearted, perfectly bingeable sitcom, you can't go wrong with Netflix's "Pretty Smart." The series stars Emily Osment as Chelsea, a very academic woman who moves to Los Angeles and stays with her sister Claire (Olivia Macklin) and her roommates. However, what was supposed to be a short visit turns into a more permanent situation, and Chelsea has to learn to live with her new, less-scholarly roommates while rebuilding her relationship with her sister.

"Pretty Smart" features many of the crazy antics you'd expect to see in a sitcom, including wacky roommates, family conflict, and some crazy love stories. One episode of the series, titled "Did you hear?! Chelsea ran into Margot!" stands out as particularly memorable. The episode's titular Margot is a former academic nemesis of Chelsea's, who brings up some feelings of inadequacy in the show's leading lady. To make herself feel better, Chelsea lies to Margot about writing a book, and as always, her lie turns out to be a bit more complicated than expected.

The episode is full of laughs, and Margot proves to be a highly entertaining guest character. But who is the actor that plays Margot?

Molly Ephraim makes a lasting impression as Margot

Margot is played in "Pretty Smart" by Molly Ephraim. The talented actor has been in the business since 2003 (via IMDb), and is best known for her turn as Mandy Baxter in the first six seasons of "Last Man Standing." Ephraim has also appeared on popular shows like "Royal Pains," "Law and Order," and "Modern Family," and has showcased her talents on the big screen as well, appearing in "Paranormal Activity 2," "Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones," the Hugh Jackman-led political thriller "The Front Runner," and several other films.

While Ephraim has starred in many different projects, she has been particularly outspoken about her love of comedy. In an interview with Red Carpet Roundup, Ephraim talked about her role as Mandy on "Last Man Standing," saying, "I think I'm more relaxed doing comedy and I like being able to play a character so much different than myself ... In real life, I'm so much different than the character I play on the show, so it's a challenge, but I love every second of it."

Now, Ephraim is set to appear in the hotly anticipated "League of Their Own" TV series on Amazon, which focuses on the real-life All-American Girls Professional Baseball League that was made famous by Penny Marshall's 1992 film of the same name. Fortunately, the odds seem high right now that the Amazon series won't be the only time "Pretty Smart" fans can look forward to seeing Ephraim on-screen again.