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The Most Paused Teeter Moment On Yellowstone

Over the course of four seasons on "Yellowstone" so far, the Dutton family has seemingly gone to war with anyone and everyone. There are a ton of dastardly people out there hoping to get their hands on the ranch, and the only way they'll likely do it is over John's (Kevin Costner) dead body. Of course, when you're going to war, you need more than just blood relatives at the ready. You need loyal followers, and the Duttons have gotten plenty of ranch hands to join them on their crusades over the years. 

For instance, Season 3 introduced viewers to the new ranch hand, Teeter (Jennifer Landon). Hailing from Texas, Teeter quickly becomes another one of the guys on the Dutton Ranch. She spits, curses, and fights with the best of them, and so far on the series, she's the only woman to undergo branding, which in the context of the show exemplifies loyalty to the Duttons. Many ranch hands come from troubled backgrounds, so the branding allows them to focus on their new path. But that branding has also led to some story developments that have likely made some viewers press pause to catch a quick blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment.

Fans had a hard time spotting Teeter's branding

During the Season 3 finale of "Yellowstone," she receives the unique distinction of being branded, proving her loyalty to the Duttons. In the process, it makes her the first and so far only woman on the series to receive the branding. However, attentive viewers had some questions when her character returned starting in Season 4. 

As Redditor u/Jaybirdy81 brings up in a Reddit thread, "What happened to Teeter's brand? We saw it at the end of S3 ... then it was non-existent during the first 2 episodes of S4. Hmmm?" No doubt this comment had plenty of viewers pausing various scenes to see if they could catch the branding. After all, it can be tough seeing how the marking is on her chest, which is usually covered up with a shirt or at least a tank top. 

The post caused a lot of controversy, but apparently, if you look at just the right moment, you'll find the branding is there with u/taker2523 confirming, "When rip walks into the bunkhouse with carter. It's really quick." You definitely have to pause at just the right moment to catch the branding, but it does appear to be there. 

Hopefully, this isn't the last time fans have seen Teeter, especially after John expelled all women from the bunkhouse. She could still pop up somehow on "Yellowstone" Season 5, or perhaps she'll make the move over to the latest spinoff series, "6666."