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The Real Reason The Elves Want Ciri In The Witcher

"The Witcher" Season 2 expands on a beloved world. After Ciri (Freya Allan) and Geralt (Henry Cavill) come together, they embark on a journey to protect Ciri from outside forces. Ciri insists on learning how to be like Geralt, though he is more reluctant to induct her into Witcher training. But Ciri is not wrong to learn these skills. Since Season 1, Ciri has been coveted by various forces. The Nilfgaardian empire is the most formidable force that has pursued her. The reasons for this are only revealed in the Season 2 twist of "The Witcher."

Ciri's connection to Nilfgaard and Emperor Emhyr (Bart Edwards) was a plot point established in the books and games. But he is not the only one who wants her. Ciri has also caught the attention of the elves, who recently aligned themselves with Nilfgaard through a truce with Fringilla (Mimi M. Kahyisa). Though somewhat secretive for most of Season 2, Ciri's strange abilities have a lot to do with this interest.

The elven genocide is important

To understand why the elves are so interested in Ciri, it's important to know their history. Elves had lived in relative peace until the Conjunction of the Spheres. The consequences of the Spheres conjoining is that monsters walked the earth freely. That also meant that humans and elves started to mix. The elves first embraced the humans as friends. But it wasn't long before humans decided to wipe out the elves just because they looked different from them (via Polygon).

The elves have suffered the genocide of their people for generations and are determined to find a way to get justice. They have been oppressed for so long that they are no longer able to have children easily. Many elves are hybrids between humans and elves. Francesca (Mecia Simson) is one of the first elves to give birth to a full-blooded elf in a long time. But after her child's murder, it becomes clear that something more is needed to help the elves reclaim what they have lost. They need a savior ,and it looks more and more likely that this may be Ciri.

Ciri is part of a prophecy

Destiny plays a big role in "The Witcher." Geralt and Ciri are brought together through the Law of Surprise. This makes their father-daughter relationship paramount throughout both of their lives. Ciri is also part of another sort of destiny. The ancient prophet Ithlinne foretold that someone one of Elder blood will rise, and take back The Continent in the name of the elves.

In "The Witcher," Elder blood describes a specific type of genetics that makes the carrier one of the most powerful beings. Ciri is of Elder blood and has demonstrated that she has the power to control the monoliths. She can even portal between the spheres. With this power, she could hypothetically also revert the spheres to how they existed before humans enslaved the elves. Ciri's power could essentially create a world where elves were no longer oppressed. Whenever Season 3 comes about, it is sure that Ciri will play an important role in this prophecy.