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American Pickers' Danielle Colby Reveals The Best State For Antique Hunting

In 2020, midway into its 21st season, "American Pickers" found itself at the center of a minor scandal. In short, Frank Fritz, one of the three key players on the show, suddenly departed, leaving his compatriots Mike Wolfe and Danielle Colby the run of things with seemingly no prior warning. As it turned out, Fritz left on bad terms, and he and Wolfe feuded through a series of public statements in the weeks that followed.

Fritz has yet to return to "American Pickers" as of the premiere of its 22nd season, affirming that the rift between he and Wolfe may well be unmendable. Wolfe and Colby, then, are solely in charge of "American Pickers" as they first were during the latter half of Season 21 in the immediate wake of Fritz's departure.

So, while Colby's antiquing expertise has always played a part in the various dealings that comprise a typical "American Pickers" season, her input is now more important than ever, given the loss of one of her co-hosts. Among her specialized knowledge, Colby thinks one state in particular is best for finding good deals on valuable antiques.

Danielle Colby thinks Iowa is the best state for antiquing

In 2017, well prior to the public's knowledge of any bad blood between Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe, reality TV blog Monsters and Critics interviewed "American Pickers" co-host Danielle Colby both about the show and her personal life. Among the topics they discussed was the state of Iowa. This is where Colby manages the original location of Antique Archaeology, which is both an active shop and something of a home base for the "American Pickers" crew.

Regarding Colby's home state, Monsters and Critics interviewer April Neale asked, "What are some unique Iowa idiosyncrasies with regards to picking and collectibles? Is Iowa a hotbed for certain things?" In response, Colby revealed that Iowa is particularly notable for antiquing compared to the rest of the country.

"Iowa is great because the prices are still reasonable and Iowans keep everything," Colby said. "Overall, it's a magical city for finding great collectibles." Presumably, "city" refers specifically to Le Claire, where Antique Archeology is located.

Assuming the popularity of "American Pickers" hasn't changed things too drastically, then, fans of the show with an interest in antiquing themselves may want to plan a trip to the Hawkeye State.