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The Betty White Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Beloved Hollywood icon Betty White, who passed away at the age of 99 on December 31, 2021, was a true entertainment legend. Her career spanned eight decades, with over 120 screen acting credits to her name. A common joke was that she was literally older than sliced bread (which is true, by the way) — a time metric that puts White's astonishing run as a performer into perspective.

Because of White's versatility as a performer and the fact her career spanned much of the 20th century, she had the opportunity to play a wide range of roles. While best known for her comedy, where she showcased her impeccable timing and great chemistry with her co-stars, White also had the chance to play a biting, sardonic villain or two. Many of her best roles played with the tension created by the audience's assumption of how a character looked on the surface versus how the character actually behaved. Behind the cheery smile, White could serve up some serious crassness.

Interestingly, the 12 signs of the Zodiac provide a great framework to explore White's work as an actor. Humans have been looking to the stars for answers about life for millennia, and the zodiac's appeal is stronger than ever. So let's use the literal stars to interpret this Hollywood star's most iconic roles.

Aries: Joyce Whitman from The Betty White Show

Represented by the ram, Aries charge head-first into whatever they're passionate about in life. And in their careers, Aries enjoy opportunities for physicality. 

Similarly, in "The Betty White Show," White plays Joyce Whitman, star of the fictional police series "Undercover Woman." The show within a show's opening credits feature Joyce's character flying in a helicopter in hot pursuit of criminal elements. The role in "Undercover Woman" took her years to land, with Joyce having to battle through countless auditions and much career instability. Joyce's tenacity and drive to win and stick with the part — despite the show being directed by her ex-husband John Elliott (John Hillerman) — show her Aries spirit. Aries also appreciates the spotlight, and pursuing work in show business comes naturally to Aries. Joyce, despite the constant rejection and insecurity of the profession, keeps going and lands her dream show.

Unfortunately, "The Betty White Show" had a very limited run. Only 14 episodes of the show were produced and aired on CBS. But like her fictional counterpart and an ambitious, professional Aries, White moved gamely onto the next project.

Taurus: Catherine Piper from Boston Legal

Taurus embodies perseverance and patience, so if you want something done, have a Taurus on your team. Don't cross a Taurus because they'll remember any transgressions, and their stubbornness will lead them to follow through on actions just to make a point. And Catherine Piper is just that sort of Taurus, whose dedication to revenge reaches "Oldboy"-levels of vindictive patience. 

In "Boston Legal" — a spinoff of the legal drama "The Practice" — when Piper reintroduces herself to lawyer Alan Shore (James Spader), she remembers that when he was a child, Shore left a flaming bag of dog poop on her porch as a prank and permanently stained her slippers. So Catherine shakes his hand with a piece of poop on her glove, a deliciously gross act of vengeance decades in the making. Catherine is also not afraid of dispensing vigilante justice and takes matters into her own hands, killing Bernard Ferrion (Leslie Jordan) to prevent him from murdering again. And, displaying a Taurian flair for pragmatism, she dispatches him the same way he killed his own victims, with a deft swing of a cast-iron skillet.

Gemini: Sue Anne Nivens from The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Gemini is represented by the twin image, symbolizing duality. They are quick-witted and known for packing two personalities into one. They are also noted flirts, with the ability to communicate and engage with a charming ease. As much as Geminis love a lively conversation, however, they can affect an air of emotional detachment, leading others to wonder which personality is the true Gemini.

One of Betty White's most famous and awarded performances was Sue Ann Nivens on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show," for which White would win two Emmys. The writers who created the role of Sue Ann described her, according to actor Mary Tyler Moore, as "half predator, half coquettish kitten" (via Television Academy). Nivens is host of "The Happy Homemaker," a lifestyle program on the fictional station WJM-TV. With her perfectly set curls, lacy aprons, and tips for cozy domestic perfection, Sue Anne would have led the cottagecore crowd in the current era of influencers. Yet underneath the veneer of camera smiles and fluffy chocolate soufflés, Sue Ann is cuttingly conniving and as sharp as the utensils she wields in the kitchen.

Cancer: Vickie Angel from Date with the Angels

Cancers are nurturing, with quirky senses of humor. They are also natural caregivers and thrive when cultivating a rich domestic life. And the Betty White character that best represents this sign appears in "Date with the Angels," a traditional 1950s domestic sitcom, following newlyweds Vickie (White) and Gus Angel (Bill Williams) as they adjust to married life and home ownership. Vickie and Gus find themselves in various domestic conundrums, from the removal of a pesky palm tree in the front yard to dealing with an annoying houseguest.

Cancers are natural connectors who thrive by building group energy. Vickie is the ever-dutiful homemaker, entertaining the neighbors with fresh cups of coffee and parlor games in the living room, all while sporting a pressed apron and heels. Like a true Cancer, Vickie is quite emotionally intuitive but is sometimes not forthright about her own true feelings. A furrowed brow or an exasperated sigh are often her only signs of frustration or anger. While she's focused on making her and her husband's married lives pleasant, Vickie isn't immune from the emotional struggles of being a newlywed.

Leo: Elka Ostrovsky from Hot in Cleveland

Leo does well living in a group and taking on the role of house leader. Leo is also a fixed fire sign, so they're not apologizing for their blazing personality. Similarly, "Hot in Cleveland" follows three women of a certain age from Los Angeles who, by a twist of fate, decide to move to the Midwest to pursue less superficial lives. As a result, they find themselves in Cleveland, Ohio. The ladies decide to lease a house from Elka Ostrovsky, played by White, and the sassy Elka is all about sex, booze and bedazzled tracksuits.

Judgy, fiery, and outspoken, Elka does not shy away from life. Some of her antics include crashing a funeral to pick up men, eating her oatmeal with a splash of whisky, and finding herself behind bars at the county jail. Elka even becomes a literal leader when she's elected mayor of Cleveland. Is there anything Elka can't do? The answer is a definitive "no," and that's flexing big Leo energy.

Virgo: Ellen Jackson from Mama's Family

White's Ellen Jackson first appeared in "The Family" skits on "The Carol Burnett Show." This was spun off into a made-for-TV movie, "Eunice," and eventually the stand-alone sitcom "Mama's Family." On that note, Virgos are perfectionists and can have an aura of aloofness. They maintain high standards and can suffer from martyrdom complexes. Ellen Jackson has discriminating tastes and doesn't like to associate with her family. She's not afraid to be confrontational with the cantankerous Mama. Ellen can do anything well, spurring feelings of resentment from her sister, Eunice, who has a volatile and unrestrained personality.

Virgo is an Earth sign. They tend to be attracted to nice things and are methodical in their strategies to obtain material wealth. Ellen's concerns with re-entering high society reflect this characteristic, and she starts dating Raytown's mayor to get back into the rarefied circles she once traveled in. She's even named Raytown's Woman of the Year, yet her family isn't impressed with the accolades, giving Ellen's ego an unintentional bruising.

Libra: Mitzi Stiles from Ladies Man

Represented by the scales, Libra is the zodiac sign in search of balance, seeking to create harmony and navigate conflict with ease. White, as Mitzi Stiles from "Ladies Man," is given plenty of opportunities to create peace in a house full of familial chaos. The sitcom stars Alfred Molina as Jimmy, a furniture builder and cringey misogynist who finds himself surrounded by women in his personal life. Mitzi is Jimmy's mother, who strives to bring kindness (and fat-free muffins) to balance out Jimmy's crass ways. Libras often have tact and the ability to meet the moment with just the right words. Mitzi is always ready with a quip or anecdote to counter Jimmy's sexist comments.

Mitzi also seeks some relationship balance between herself and her rival, Jimmy's mother-in-law, Peaches (Dixie Carter). Mitzi's wholesome approach to grandmothering conflicts with Peaches' style of lavish gifting. Libras always keep appearances pleasant, even if resentments simmer under the surface. Mitzi keeps things cordial in front of the grandchildren, although cutting and snide comments to Peaches are not beneath her.

Scorpio: Mrs. Delores Bickerman from Lake Placid

Scorpios are naturally secretive, focusing their energies on power and control. They are also extremely loyal. Scorpios are strong and independent, protecting their privacy at all costs. Represented by the scorpion, a natural predator, Scorpios embrace the darkness in life that tends to repel others. 

In "Lake Placid," the gruesomely campy '90s horror movie about a 30-foot crocodile that lives in a lake (surprisingly not Lake Placid, as suggested by the film's title), White plays Mrs. Delores Bickerman, a widow living in a cottage on Black Lake in Maine. (Why they didn't simply call the movie "Black Lake" will forever remain a mystery.) The film follows local authorities as they try to solve mysterious violent attacks on the lake, which turn out to be perpetrated by a gigantic saltwater crocodile who just needs a snack or two. 

The mild-mannered and sweet Dolores is harboring a nefarious secret as she is in fact the munchie-provider to the ravenous reptile, feeding it an entire cow and bringing a whole new meaning to MooTown Snackers. Delores' reptilian proclivities yield yet another secret — she's shown feeding baby giant crocodiles and joyously playing with them at the end of the film.

Sagittarius: Betsy Boucher from The Love Boat

Sagittarius means fun-loving, playful, and energetic. Represented by the archer, Sagittarians are noted for their adventurous nature and wanderlust. And as for "The Love Boat," it's a series set on a luxury cruise ship with regular ports of call throughout Mexico. The stories center around Captain Stubing, the ship's genial crew, and the ever-changing roster of passengers looking for fun and romance on the high seas.

"The Love Boat" was notable for its litany of guest stars. If you were a working actor of note in the '70s and '80s, you probably set foot aboard that floating pleasure palace and flirted on the Lido Deck. Each episode had new guest stars, and White made four appearances as Betsy Boucher on "The Love Boat." Betsy is the friend of Carol Channing's Aunt Sylvia, and their adventures on the show include landing rich men, an attempt to publish Betsy's memoirs, and auditioning for a soap opera. The two gal-pals even sing "Bosom Buddies" from the musical "Mame" (coincidentally, the film version of this song is performed by White's future "Golden Girls" co-star, Bea Arthur) in a number complete with sparkly gowns and showgirl backup dancers. Clearly, Betsy is up for anything, and what Sagittarius is not?

Capricorn: Elizabeth from Life with Elizabeth

Earthy and practical Capricorn is the tenacious life partner you want in your corner. They're all-around good people who are not only aware of other people's needs but attuned to their own as well. White as Elizabeth from the 1950s sitcom, "Life with Elizabeth," exemplifies all that is positive about the sea goat of the zodiac.

"Life with Elizabeth" started as a recurring skit on another early television series, "Hollywood on Television," and the series maintained the original format of a narrator setting up each skit's premise. And each premise saw Elizabeth facing homemaker debacles like messing up an angel food cake recipe, spending money she doesn't have on antiques, and dealing with her husband's eccentric boss. Capricorns are connected to the structure of time, and "Life with Elizabeth" kept with the same formula of multiple, unrelated skits per episode.

As serious as Capricorns can be, there is often a mysteriously mischievous side to them. Similarly, the show's narrator would break the fourth wall and ask Elizabeth at the end of most skits, "Elizabeth, aren't you ashamed?" Elizabeth was not there to be belittled by an omnipotent voice, and she would coyly shake her head no every time.

Aquarius: Grandma Annie from The Proposal

Original and independent, Aquarius brings refreshment through their eccentric nature. And Betty White as Grandma Annie from the 2009 romantic comedy "The Proposal" is delighted her grandson, Andrew (Ryan Reynolds), is getting married to his boss, Margaret (Sandra Bullock). However, it's all a ruse for Margaret to get a visa to stay in the United States. But Grandma doesn't know this, so she's all in on the family planning and angling for grandbabies.

Aquarians, an air sign, also enjoy the outdoors, and in one of the film's most famous scenes, Annie fans the flames of love with her dance around a campfire to promote fertility. The "celebration" dance unnerves Margaret until she gets into her own chants from her heart, which happen to be dirty lyrics from the Lil' Jon song "Get Low." Grandma Annie is slightly unnerved at first but gets into the dance with Margaret. With Aquarians, it's all about being easygoing, so getting down and gyrating the woods is just part of a normal afternoon.

Pisces: Rose Nylund from The Golden Girls and The Golden Palace

Pisces are empathetic, romantic, and sometimes overly impressionable — all attributes of Rose Nylund from "The Golden Girls" and its spinoff, "The Golden Palace." A naive widow from St. Olaf, Minnesota, Rose decides to move away from the harsh Midwestern winters for sunny Miami, Florida, where she becomes a grief counselor, a career move well-suiting for the caring Pisces. Rose also supports many causes, including volunteering at a bookmobile and a hospital. 

Rose is also an animal lover and shelters various pets throughout the series. Plus, she holds the memory of her late husband, Charlie, in high regard. Her reminiscences are not only romantic but, in true "Golden Girls" fashion, are a little saucy, including a memory recalling that her husband "would have made a bull jealous."

While Pisces are not noted for their assertiveness or intellectual rigor, they are known for their open hearts. A long-running gag on the show is Rose's curiously naive questions to her roommates, which often are met with a sarcasm that Rose takes in stride. She's perceived as a pushover, but Rose has the support of her roommates to create healthy boundaries with others. Despite all the ribbing from the other ladies, there's always a slice of late-night cheesecake and a table of good friends to talk over any problem.