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What It Actually Means To Win A Recording Contract On The Voice

The reality television series "The Voice" has been on the air for 21 seasons and more than one decade and counting, showcasing top-tier vocal talent from all around the United States. Each season begins with aspiring singers from various backgrounds and skill levels competing in knockout rounds with hopes of earning themselves a blind audition and a chance to dazzle the celebrity judges, or coaches, with nothing but their singing.

The star-studded cast of coaches has cycled through a variety of iconic talents, including Miley Cyrus, John Legend, Nick Jonas, and Kelly Clarkson. Vocal powerhouse Blake Shelton is the only coach to stick around for every season. Most recently, singer-actress Ariana Grande (above) joined the roster. It isn't surprising that contestants on the show want the chance to work one on one with these experts from the music industry and perhaps take home the grand prize at the end of the competition.

The recording contract is different for every winner

Aspiring singers and songwriters on "The Voice" are in the competition of a lifetime to show the world why they should take home the grand prize of $100,000 and a recording contract with Universal Music Group (via Newsweek). The level of success each winner achieves after their days on "The Voice" has been different with every season, but all of them get placed with a record label within Universal. Ultimately, each singer signs a different contract based on their own circumstances and musical styles.

Once signed, not every winner has immediately put out music, and they haven't all stuck with the record label, either. One victor from the series was open about the treatment he'd received after winning the competition and signing a recording contract. Sundance Head from Season 11 shared that he didn't release an album for two years after the show's end. He later told The Washington Post, "I'm going to be happy touring, or I'm going to be happy going back to Texas and playing bars for 30 or 40 people. That's just who I am."

Blake Shelton has also voiced his frustrations

Sundance Head isn't the only one to voice frustrations with the record label not delivering on their promises after the show ends. Blake Shelton (above), who has been a coach on the show since the first season, expressed in an interview with "ET Canada" (via Facebook) his disappointment with the record label for "dropping the ball" and not showing full support and backing for Season 18 winner Todd Tilghman once the show ended. According to Country Now, since winning "The Voice," Todd continues to work on music with the full support and encouragement of his on-show coach Blake Shelton. He recently released a single, titled "In a Heartache."

With or without guaranteed success, millions of people continue to audition for "The Voice" every season in hopes of being the next contestant who dazzles the coaches enough for them to hit their big red buttons and turn around during the blind audition.