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Fans Of Chicago P.D. Just Got Some Unfortunate Production News

Covid-19 is back with a vengeance and once again wreaking havoc on your favorite TV show's production schedule. The number of positive cases is once again pushing release dates way past their original times, and entire productions are being shut down as precautionary measures to prevent cast and crews from contracting or spreading the virus.

This isn't the first time throughout the pandemic that television, in general, has experienced difficulties. Production of notable shows like "NCIS" recently shut down for the safety of the cast and crew as the number of cases continues to rise in Los Angeles (via LA County Health Department).

However, Los Angeles isn't the only city experiencing hardship and forced delays in production. The Wolf Entertainment and Universal Television show "Chicago P.D." is also pulling the plug. Thanks to the omicron variant, this "One Chicago" staple has become the latest show to hit pause as a precautionary measure.

Chicago P.D. has paused production

The production of "Chicago P.D." has been shut down after positive Covid tests (via Deadline). Some of these positive tests come from "Zone A," meaning the cast of the show and those that have interacted with them.

Several members of the cast and crew tested positive for Covid-19 while following the strict testing protocols of NBCU. These positive tests caused filming to proceed with caution on the set for a brief amount of time — with replacement crew — while those affected isolated and followed CDC guidelines. Unfortunately, these measures weren't enough to overcome the Omicron surge. Production of "Chicago P.D." has since been suspended due to the impact of Covid-19.

"Chicago Fire" recently stopped production as well due to the rise in positive cases, but "Chicago M.D." has been able to continue filming without pause. More news on the resumption of production here as it becomes available.