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Was Premonition Inspired By A Real-Life Event?

The 2007 psychological thriller "Premonition," starring Sandra Bullock, takes its audience on a ride through a non-linear timeline that follows a modern-day housewife, Linda, through her awful experience that doesn't seem to have an end. Linda and her husband, Jim, have a marriage that has grown stale with time, leaving Linda with the monotonous day-to-day routine of waking up to take the kids to school and running errands throughout the day.

On a seemingly average day, Linda's world turns upside down when she learns that her husband has died in a car accident. Stunned and stuck with grief, Linda spends the evening talking with her mother, and the two make plans to begin funeral arrangements the following day. This is where the movie hits a turning point. When Linda wakes up the next morning, she finds her husband alive and unharmed in the bed beside her.

"Premonition" continues to follow Linda as she is forced to relive the day of her husband's death, unable to stop it or learn why these events are taking place. The complexity of the storyline and the vague ending make many viewers wonder whether or not the movie is inspired by a real life eventĀ (per TheCinemaholic).

The plot of 'Premonition' offers twists and turns

While the occurrences in "Premonition" are highly detailed and the twists and turns of the storyline can be somewhat difficult to follow at times, the film is not actually based on real-life events, reports TheCinemaholic. The movie was penned by screenwriter Bill Kelly and directed by Mennan Yappo. The plot wasn't exactly apparent to even the cast in the beginning, but the storyline is meant to serve as a reminder to its viewers that you can't escape your ultimate fate and thus should revel in the present moment.

The plot of the film might not have gone over well with all of its viewers (via Rotten Tomatoes), but that doesn't stop Sandra Bullock's incredible acting skills from shining in her role as the tortured protagonist. While not inspired by real-life events, "Premonition" tells a unique tale that is best explained by the movie itself. So if you haven't already, or need to again, give "Premonition" a watch.