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This Is Where Premonition Was Actually Filmed

The 2007 thriller "Premonition" focuses on Linda Hanson (Sandra Bullock) and her husband, James "Jim" Hanson (Julian McMahon), who are parents to young children named Megan (Shyann McClure) and Bridgette (Courtney Taylor Burness). The movie begins with a police officer letting Linda know Jim had passed away following a horrific accident on the highway. However, a few hours later, she is greeted by her husband, who is eating breakfast in the kitchen, completely unscathed. While she is initially relieved, the mother of two slowly understands that the days of the week of Jim's fatal accident have been scrambled, but only for her.

During a 2007 Moviefone Unscripted interview alongside McMahon, Bullock revealed why she was initially drawn to the film. She explained that she enjoys "Hitchcockian thrillers where they couldn't rely on bells and whistles."

"I admired being able to silently mess with your head, whether it's the creek of the floor, is there something looming, is there something missing from the story, will someone find out something secret that's being kept," said the actress.

As Bullock noted, despite its upsetting subject matter, "Premonition" is a relatively subdued film. Arguably, one of the most successful aspects of the thriller is that Linda's disturbing, unexplained circumstances occur while she is a resident of a quaint, quiet town. Due to the movie's pleasant setting, some fans may be curious about the locations used throughout the film.

The production of Premonition took place in Louisiana

According to The Cinemaholic, the production of "Premonition" took place in different locations throughout Louisiana, specifically New Orleans, Shreveport, and Claiborne Parish. The publication noted that the actual location of Jim's fiery death can be found on Louisiana Highway 2.

The Cinemaholic also reported that the film began shooting in early 2006, just months after Hurricane Katrina. During the joint Moviefone Unscripted interview, Bullock and McMahon noted that many of the show's crew members were Louisiana residents. Bullock shared that she enjoyed working with the production crew, some of whom had lost their homes and family members due to the natural disaster. The actress revealed that she appreciated that the members of the film's crew were still good-humored despite their tragic circumstances. She went on to say that she revered "the props guys" for their storytelling abilities and "their resilience."

The "Miss Congeniality" star also disclosed that she would catch herself feeling ungrateful while shooting the film.

"The whole experience, I think you had to stop yourself and go, 'I'm complaining about this when I can look any one of these people on this set and go, "They have nothing, but they're here and happy to work and they're having a great time."' I think just sharing that lifetime, those three months, I think were three really good months spent in my lifetime," said Bullock.