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Gal Gadot Set To Star In A Reboot Of This Classic Alfred Hitchcock Thriller

Alfred Hitchcock is the all-time master of suspense. He's responsible for some of the greatest thrillers ever made, such as "Vertigo," "North by Northwest," and "Suspicion." It's no wonder why his massive volume of work continues to be studied and dissected to this day, as there are plenty of filmmakers who look to his work for inspiration. And there are ample opportunities for these stories to continue being told via remakes, as was the case for his 1940 film "Rebecca," which saw a redo in the form of the 2020 film of the same name that went straight to Netflix. 

Now, it looks like another Hitchcock classic is set to enter the 21st century, courtesy of Paramount Pictures. Deadline reports that Eileen Jones ("Lethal Weapon," "Prodigal Son") is in talks to write a remake for Hitchcock's 1955 film "To Catch a Thief." And a major star is already attached to lead the picture.

Plot details of the To Catch a Thief remake are unknown at this time

Deadline goes on to report that Gal Gadot will star in the picture. It doesn't mention what role she'll have, but it would most likely be Frances Stevens, played by Grace Kelly in the original movie. Gadot will also produce the film alongside her partner Jaron Varsano under the Pilot Wave Banner. No other casting announcements have been made at this point, but surely, the hunt is underway to see who can fill the role of John Robie, who Cary Grant played in the 1955 film.

In the original movie, the plot involves a retired burglar who tries to go on the straight and narrow by catching an imposter thief who's preying on the elite of the French Riviera. Through these misadventures, he meets a wealthy widow, and the two form a friendship over the course of the story. It's unclear how closely the remake will adapt Hitchcock's "To Catch a Thief," but it could take a decidedly different route.