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The Twin Peaks Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

At the heart of astrology is the idea that forces beyond our comprehension can impact our everyday lives based on the position of the stars when we were born. While it can be difficult to accept an idea that is impossible to prove scientifically, astrology can not only demonstrate some interesting correlations based on one's sign. It can also simply be an interesting tool for self-reflection. It's often less important that one's horoscope predict the future, as one of the most important that it can do is make us think about what we want and what's preventing us from achieving our goals. Still, the mystical idea that there are forces beyond our comprehension that nonetheless influence our fates is an irresistible one.

The 1990s ABC (and later Showtime) series "Twin Peaks" is consumed with the idea that forces of light and darkness surround us, leading to great evil but also great good and nobility in opposing dark forces. In investigating the death of Laura Palmer, a homecoming queen with dark secrets, FBI agent Dale Cooper stumbles upon ancient, monstrous forces in the small Pacific Northwest town of Twin Peaks. In trying to find the murderer, he encounters many strange characters. Some are noble and trustworthy, some are shifty and devious, some are just plain weird, and some hide unspeakable secrets. Let's take a look at what "Twin Peaks" character you are, based on your zodiac sign. Fire, walk with me!

Aries: Gordon Cole

Blazing the trail in the zodiac is bold Aries (March 21 – April 19). This fire sign, known as "the Warrior," is competitive, active, and straightforward. They are brave and determined leaders, inspiring others with their passion and enthusiasm. They're not necessarily known for their cunning as they prefer a more direct approach in dealing with their conflicts, which tends to make them emotional straight-shooters. Sometimes this means they are stubborn and have a temper, but they rarely let resentments fester after expressing themselves. Aries always have the courage of their convictions. 

In the world of "Twin Peaks," FBI agent Gordon Cole is its resident Aries. The leader of the spooky Blue Rose Task Force of the FBI, he's Dale Cooper's boss. Gordon is a bit hard of hearing in the show's initial episodes, which doesn't bother him as he is perfectly happy to shout instructions over the phone to Cooper and anyone else. 

Cole's moral center is unshakable, even in the face of unfathomable mysteries and unspeakable evil. He issues clear instructions and expects them to be followed, but he trusts his agents and doesn't micromanage them. Cole is not afraid to go out and get his hands dirty with a case, either, leading the search for the missing Cooper. He is loyal to the misanthropic Albert Rosenfield, but Cole isn't afraid to discipline him when he gets out of line.

Taurus: Ben Horne

A pleasure-seeking Earth sign, Taurus (April 20 – May 20), is known as "the Sensualist" for a reason. The bull loves comfort and luxuries such as food, drink, sex, and a comfortable home. While ambitious and stubborn, they feel incomplete without someone to share it with. They don't spend money frivolously, however, and they know how to manage a bottom line to profit. They aren't interested in dreaming, as they'd rather be doing, and they don't waste time overthinking things. Ideals are less critical than practicalities for a Taurus. They have a plan, and they don't like wild cards interfering with them. 

While there are other candidates, the owner of the Great Northern Hotel, Ben Horne, is certainly a Taurus. In addition to having an affair with Catherine Martell, he and his brother Jerry are known to go across the Canadian border to the casino and brothel One-Eyed Jacks. Horne is obsessed with expanding his properties and growing his wealth, frequently trying to draw in Scandinavian investors for new ventures. He is furious when his daughter Audrey often interferes with his plans. Despite all that, Ben also enjoyed simple pleasures like a good cigar or a hearty sandwich. Like a good Taurus, he was anything but complicated concerning his desires and thoughts.

Gemini: Lucy Moran

Gemini (May 21 – June 20) is the chatty, bubbly sign of the zodiac. They've never met a stranger, and that's why they're called "the Communicator." Geminis can be a little flighty and often have their heads in their clouds. Though they may appear airheaded, they're intellectually curious about everything and love talking about ideas to whoever will listen. They love helping others and being part of a team, even if the concept of a chain of command can be a little confusing for them. Geminis often work best when others can make seemingly trivial decisions for them, as they are both flexible and indecisive. 

Lucy Moran, the receptionist and secretary of the Twin Peaks Sheriff's Department, is a Gemini through-and-through. She's a perfect small-town receptionist because her outgoing nature means that she knows everyone in town. Unlike the somewhat slow-talking and slow-moving sheriffs of the police department, Lucy talks a mile a minute and often has to repeat things more than once. Lucy is clever, often overhearing visitors chatting about vital matters or faking typing while gathering clues. Lucy is a proud member of the police department, a job she holds for many years. 

Cancer: Donna Hayward

Cancer (June 21 – July 22) is known as "the Nurturer," and they'd rather be in their safe and comfy home than on an adventure. Cancers are sensitive and emotional, and they care deeply about their friends and family. They are loyal and protective, sometimes to a fault, and when stirred out of their routines, they can go haywire. They like to be comfortable, and it's important that they comfort others. Cancers are natural healers who can sense pain and take the time to care for those who are suffering. That said, they have boundaries that must be protected, and woe to those who violate their trust.

In "Twin Peaks," Donna Hayward is a Cancer. While Donna is Laura Palmer's best friend and confidante, the secretive Laura still keeps a lot from her. Unlike Laura, Donna has a stable and loving home, and Laura spends a great deal of time there. Donna knows that Laura is cheating on her boyfriend Bobby with James Hurley, as the three of them spend time together. Donna knows Laura well enough that she is in a great deal of emotional distress and tries to help her, but Laura shuts her out. It takes Donna following her to a debauched party on the night Laura dies to realize just how little she truly knew about her friend and how out of her depth she is in that situation. Sadly, Laura was beyond even Donna's attempts at healing.

Leo: Laura Palmer

Flashy Leo (July 23 – August 22) is the attention-getter of the zodiac. Known as "the Creative," Leos are frequently multitalented and juggle several projects at once. Another fire sign, Leos are not only bright, but they also give off a great deal of warmth. They live to entertain, sometimes to an extreme degree. That desire to be adored sometimes means being self-centered or putting up a false front and a fake smile. Their supreme self-confidence is attractive, and Leos often have several people around them who are happy to be in their shadow. 

The tragic Laura Palmer is the Leo of "Twin Peaks." Her death shocks so many because she touched so many lives while she was alive. A straight-A student, she is the homecoming queen and delivers food in a Meals On Wheels program for shut-ins and the elderly. Everyone loves her, in part because she has a way of being all things to all people. 

Of course, this was all an act that hid several layers of a secret life. Not only is she cheating on her boyfriend Bobby with James Hurley, but she is also a cocaine addict and part-time prostitute. For her, it was all to try and deaden the pain of the abuse she suffered at home — the thrills are all in an effort to feel something. Before her death, she made everyone feel loved except herself. 

Virgo: Dale Cooper

Virgo (August 23 – September 22) is the sign that has a solution for everything. Known as "the Healer" and "the Analyst," Virgos are exceptional investigators and problem-solvers, focusing on details and making intuitive connections. They tend to think they know what's best for everyone, but their critical acumen means that they are often correct. They have a way of introducing solutions to problems that seem so sensible that you wonder why you didn't think of it, but they do it in a way that's not smug or self-satisfied. Virgos may be judgmental, but they do it because they genuinely care. 

FBI Agent Dale Cooper was a bolt of forthright goodness in a town that needed some in the wake of Laura Palmer's murder. Cooper's enthusiasm doesn't mean that he suffers fools, as he makes sure that people who get in the way of his investigation are given a firm but polite notice to straighten up. Cooper's methods often seemed strange (like using Zen Buddhism techniques and relying on dreams), but he always gets results. Cooper has a habit of lecturing others on how to best their lives, but it is done in such an encouraging way that it never seems like lecturing. 

Libra: Harry Truman

Libra (September 23 – October 22) is all about balance. The scales are known as "the Diplomat" and also "the Lover," and thus, relationships are the most important part of a Libra's life. They avoid conflict but can see all sides of them, acting as a perfect mediator. Fairness is extremely important to them, and they tend to view duty as being part of an overall greater good that is more important than individual needs sometimes. That said, romantic relationships are also crucial for Libras, and they hate being alone. Their reluctance to engage in conflict can lead them to be indecisive, and their need for romance can make them feel sorry for themselves when things aren't going well. 

Sheriff Harry Truman embodies many Libra traits. As the chief of the Twin Peaks Sheriff's Department, Harry is diplomatic and rarely wields his authority in a dramatic manner. Instead, Harry prefers to convince people that it's in the best interest of everyone for them to cooperate. This makes Harry a capable sheriff because he prefers to deescalate situations in an amicable fashion rather than let conditions get out of hand. He's still very much in charge and is often forced to push Deputy Andy to shape up, but it's Harry's compassion that makes him stand out. His doomed, secret romance with Josie Packard weighs heavily on him, and Harry is distraught when she disappears. 

Scorpio: Josie Packard

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21) is the most mysterious and enigmatic sign of the zodiac. Called "the Alchemist," Scorpios are highly charismatic and draw attention despite their furtive natures. They are the epitome of cool, but they always seem to be hiding some terrible secret under the surface. Scorpio is a sign of transformation, and they often will undergo dramatic changes in identity or circumstances in their life and then seek to conceal their earlier incarnations. They are highly perceptive and ambitious, grounded in material concerns despite their deep sense of intuition. Scorpios can be difficult to trust because they tend to conceal their true intentions. 

Josie Packard is a Scorpio through and through before her bizarre demise. She carries herself as the sweet, demure, and even naive widow of sawmill magnate Andrew Packard. She plays her secret boyfriend, Sheriff Truman, like a fiddle, manipulating him to protect herself. Packard flees from a terrible criminal past in Hong Kong, but her past has a way of catching up with her. She has a role in her husband's death and makes it look like an accident while she colludes with Ben Horne in a variety of deals. She also shoots Agent Cooper because she fears he'd get wise to her past. After killing her long-time tormentor, she is confronted by the evil being BOB and dies of a heart attack, though her soul is trapped in a doorknob. 

Sagittarius: Lawrence Jacoby

Sagittarius, the archer (November 22 – December 21), shoots their arrows at concepts. Known as "the Philosopher," this is the sign most interested in abstract ideas, as opposed to practicalities or individual feelings. They are optimists who love exploring the world in a literal and metaphorical sense. They are fascinated by a wide range of experiences and develop an interest in many areas of knowledge as they search for the truth. While friendly, charming, and engaging, they are blunt and sometimes tactless. People fascinate them, and they are enthusiastic about meeting them, but they aren't caring or nurturing like other signs. Sagittarians are instead off doing their own thing, regarding humanity more as a concept than as individuals that impact them specifically. That said, they never let their intellectual pursuits get in the way of a good time. 

Dr. Lawrence Jacoby, Laura Palmer's therapist, is the essence of a Sagittarius. From his blue-and-red tinted glasses and Hawaiian shirts, he gives off a weird party vibe in the gravest of circumstances. He has a way of encouraging his patients to open up to him, and Laura confesses more to him than most other people. He admits to Agent Cooper that Laura made him a better therapist, in part because he was desperate to help her but couldn't figure out how. When he loses his therapist license, he becomes an internet personality named Dr. Amp, selling golden shovels while ranting about a wide variety of ills. 

Capricorn: Major Briggs

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19) is referred to flatly as "the Leader" of the zodiac. These stubborn old goats lead not out of ego but out of duty. They are mature and have their eyes on the prize, always looking toward future plans and how they'll come together. They are incredible workers and demand a strong work ethic from their associates. They value a chain of command as well as plans with clearly understood steps, and they prefer not to deviate from either. Indeed, their stubbornness can make them difficult to deal with if you're at an impasse with an important decision because they are unlikely to budge from their positions. Capricorns can be emotionally distant on the surface, but they care intensely about their loved ones and have deeply-held beliefs. 

The Capricorn in "Twin Peaks" is Major Garland Briggs. He always speaks in a highly formal cadence, especially with his bad seed son Bobby. Major Briggs deals with him patiently until he needs to establish some real discipline, but there is no doubt that his family is his top priority. Beyond that, Major Briggs is involved with classified activities that surprisingly intersect with the mysterious and mystical Blue Rose cases that Gordon Cole and Dale Cooper pursued. He gives Cooper that information and states that his greatest fear was that "love was not enough." Despite his icy veneer, Briggs is deeply passionate about advancing the forces of good. 

Aquarius: Albert Rosenfield

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18) is the quirky weirdo of the zodiac, known for doing things their way. Often called "the Humanitarian," they care deeply about humanity as a whole but sometimes have trouble dealing with individual people. They aren't in close touch with their emotions, preferring to rely on ideas when thinking about the big picture. They're iconoclasts who value their personal space and do things their way, and they aren't known as team players. However, they are frequently brilliant and innovative, as their focus on the big picture often has big rewards. They may be odd, but they know what they're doing. 

Agent Albert Rosenfield, the cantankerous FBI agent who shows contempt for small-town operations, is certainly an Aquarius. His sneering attitude toward Sheriff Truman and everyone else belies his brilliance as a forensics expert whose methods are so precise that they almost always yield information that eludes other experts. Despite his belligerence and emotional distance, as seen when he doesn't want to give up Laura Palmer's body for her funeral, Albert cares deeply about others, revealing that he is a pacifist who loves all of humanity. It is just people he can't stand!

Pisces: Audrey Horne

Pisces (February 19 – March 20) is known to encapsulate the zodiac as a whole. Known as "the Dreamer," Pisces is a flexible, fluid water sign. They are romantics and dreamers, both in terms of relationships and how they view the world as a big adventure. They are imaginative, sensitive, and even a little fragile, as they often get wrapped up in their own fantasy worlds. Pisces care deeply about others and often think about how they can help them, which sometimes leads them to overstep the boundaries of people they aren't necessarily close to. No matter the situation, however, they are highly adaptable. 

Audrey Horne is the Pisces of "Twin Peaks." Initially appearing to be a manipulative femme fatale in contrast to Laura Palmer's good girl persona, Audrey is quite innocent in most ways. She pretends to be a bad girl as part of a fantasy identity she is creating, but the reality is that Audrey is actually driven by a strong sense of ethics. She immediately falls for Agent Cooper, and not just romantically. Audrey wants to be his crime-fighting partner, even getting in over her head when she tries to infiltrate the prostitution ring at the brothel/casino One-Eyed Jacks. Audrey is irrepressible in trying to help Cooper, even after Cooper gently lets her down when he won't sleep with her, setting a much-needed boundary.