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The Star Wars Bounty Hunter You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

A long time ago, in a galaxy that certainly feels far, far away, the "Star Wars" universe was limited to a small handful of movies — no books, no games, no comics, and no television shows. During that period, members of the nascent "Star Wars" fandom were forced to identify as Lukes, Leias, Hans, or Landos. In other words, their choices were hero, hero, rogue, or rogue. Luckily, the franchise is now in the midst of a multimedia golden age, and its expansive timeline is chock full of characters to fit every personality type.

The 12 signs of the Western zodiac are a map you can use to pin down your personality type, whether you're a hero, a rogue, or — Lucas forbid –- another archetype. The zodiac system is thorough and versatile enough to match your true nature up with any class of character, including even a badass bounty hunter.

No matter what traits define you as a person, there's a "Star Wars" bounty hunter for you. Unlike the days of yore, when only Boba Fett and Greedo managed to snag a few measly minutes of screen time, the current roster of bounty hunters is hundreds strong and deeply fleshed-out. Whether you're an emotional Cancer, an analytic Virgo, or any other sign, keep reading for a full breakdown of which "Star Wars" bounty hunter you are, based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: Jango Fett

The first of the 12 astrological signs is Aries. They're described as trailblazers, pioneers, entrepreneurs, and leaders. It's Aries signs who quit waiting and act, getting projects started and seeing them through. In that way, they're the sign most likely to win the game — and to change how it's played entirely. There isn't a single bounty hunter in the galaxy that's earned their fame and fortune in a more iconoclastic and game-changing way than Jango Fett.

For most bounty hunters, the way into history books and legends is to end as many lives as they can, as quickly and cleanly as possible. A true pioneering Aries, Jango took the opposite path, choosing to create (in a manner of speaking) and train as many living beings as possible. Jango volunteered to serve as the genetic template and training officer for the Galactic Republic's clone trooper army. Instead of nomadic hunts across the cosmos, Jango chose to put down roots and work a steady job. What's more, as part of his payment, he asked for a clone of his own that he could raise as his son.

If Aries are defined by their unconventionality and impact, then Jango Fett is an Aries's Aries. What could be more Aries than breaking the cycle and volunteering to create a galactic army of super-soldiers? Ironically, the way Jango Fett breaks the bounty hunter mold is by serving as a genetic mold for an entire military force.

Taurus: Boba Fett

Unlike his dear old dad/clone template, Boba Fett was never out to redefine what it means to be a bounty hunter. On the contrary, his appearances in the original "Star Wars" trilogy were largely what gave us the original definition. Like a true Taurus, Boba Fett spent the better part of his life honoring his code, patiently and determinedly accomplishing his every goal. Tauruses are defined by their dogged persistence and work ethic. If they set their sights on a task, it gets done. Unfortunately for so many beings across the galaxy, including even Han Solo, Boba Fett set his sights, often literally, on their capture or termination.

Though their symbol is a bull, Tauruses are workhorses. No bounty hunter deserves that title more than Boba Fett, whose decades-long career was built on successful hunt after successful hunt. His persistence in the pursuit of his prey bordered on stubborn obsession, and it quickly made him a legend across the galaxy. Not only is Boba Fett the most famous bounty hunter in our world, he is also the most famous across the many worlds of "Star Wars," and that comes from his prime Taurus qualities -– honor, determination, and tirelessness. Well, that and his cool armor.

Gemini: Cad Bane

Geminis are smart and capable, sometimes to an unsettling degree. They're adaptable, versatile, and intellectual, and that makes them scarily effective at their chosen professions. To the denizens of the "Star Wars" universe, almost no being is more unsettling, scary, and intelligent than bounty hunter Cad Bane.

During the course of the "Clone Wars" television series, Bane establishes himself as one of the most skillful and clever bounty hunters in the galaxy, if not the most. There's a reason Bane is a go-to choice for galactic superpowers like Jabba the Hutt, Count Dooku, and Emperor Palpatine. Few other bounty hunters approach their missions with as much strategic planning as Bane, and that's why Bane is hired for the most dangerous of jobs.

It takes a rare mind to go toe-to-toe with Jedi Masters and live to tell the tale. Cad Bane, like all true Geminis, is that rare mind. His ability to instantly and thoroughly read a battlefield, and then manipulate it to his advantage, is the reason Bane has battled the likes of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, and Quinlan Vos and survived. Watch his zero-gravity fight against two Jedi and a squad of clone troopers to get a peek at that Gemini cunning.

Cancer: Asajj Ventress

Cancer is the crab, and there are few beings more crabby than Asajj Ventress. More than any other bounty hunter, Ventress exhibits the Cancer quality of moodiness and emotional extremes. Cancers feel everything and feel it deeply, going whichever way their temperamental wind blows. Ventress's wind blew more wildly than anybody's, leading to her complicated history that vacillated between witch, Sith, Confederate, bounty hunter, and Jedi. You could describe Ventress as good, evil, or ambivalent, and each would be apt. Over the course of her life, she served the light side, the dark side, and many factions in the gooey center between.

If Ventress has one defining quality throughout her many appearances, it's how hard she is to pin down morally and spiritually. In the excellent "Clone Wars" episode "Bounty," Ventress shows off the extent of her Cancer-like fluidity and unpredictability by alternating between violent mercenary, righteous savior, and greedy trafficker. Only Ventress would accept a bounty, choose to save the bounty's target instead, and then charge the target's family for their safe return. Throw in her anger-driven betrayal of Boba Fett at the episode's end and you have an informative case study on the workings of the Cancer mind, or at least how their emotions interfere with that mind.

Leo: Sabine Wren

Leo, the lion, is indeed the "regal king" (or in this case queen) of the jungle. Their personalities are dominated by their two greatest desires: to be generous to others and to be seen doing it. As much as they are truly faithful, loving, and broad-minded, they still require those endearing traits to lead them into the spotlight. If any "Star Wars" bounty hunter is worthy of being a Leo, it's Sabine Wren, the tracker who gave up the profession to become an inspirational figurehead for the Rebel Alliance.

Most bounty hunters are solitary and prefer to tackle their missions solo. Those that do band together for a job generally do so out of necessity, and the arrangement often leads to contention and even violence. Wren, a Leo, is different. She is a consummate collaborator and unifier. As a bounty hunter, she operated as half of a partnership alongside Ketsu Onyo. Then as a Rebel, she worked as part of a tight-knit crew aboard the starship Ghost. Wren always ensured her place among a team, where she could radiate her passion and cheer.

That inspirational aspect of Wren's personality later led to her most famous accomplishment: it was Wren that drew the first red starbird which came to symbolize the Rebel Alliance and inspire its soldiers.

Virgo: IG-88

Virgos are described as meticulous, reliable, practical, intelligent, and analytical. Those are also the words that best describe a computer. Lucky for us, there is a bounty hunter who is literally a computer: the assassin droid IG-88.

If you're willing to sacrifice some empathy and versatility for a chance at straightforward perfection, Virgo is the right choice. The same is true for IG-88, the droid who spent his entire existence attempting to perfect his programming and methodology. Whenever the droid failed to collect a bounty, he made his displeasure known and attempted to analyze himself for fixable weaknesses. If Taurus is the workhorse, then Virgo –- including IG-88 –- is the work-octopus. Speed and strength are secondary to their analytical appraisal of a problem and efficient action to remedy it.

Complementing their attempts at perfection, Virgos love learning. They're the people who enjoy spending a day inside reading and researching. If there's a "Star Wars" version of that, it's a droid like IG-88, who was constantly connected to data servers and running programs to improve their skills. If there is one overarching flaw that Virgos share, it's how much they suffer in their pursuit of knowledge and flawlessness. The same is certainly true for IG-88, the droid who famously failed to capture Han Solo and spent decades lamenting it.

Libra: Greef Karga

A set of balanced scales symbolizes Libra because Libras are fair and diplomatic. They excel at negotiating, bartering, and brokering, always maintaining stability in the system. They're generally peaceful, but not above letting others stoop to violence for them if it keeps things in order. Sound familiar? Greef Karga, the bounty hunter who prefers negotiating deals for other hunters, is a Libra to a T.

Though later episodes of "The Mandalorian" demonstrated that Karga has the heart of a bounty hunter beating in his chest -– he will dirty his hands with blood if need be –- he always prefers diplomacy first. Karga's initial step is hiring other hunters and negotiating their rates. If that fails or a double-cross is in the works, including those by Karga himself, he still attempts verbal sparring first. Throughout "The Mandalorian," Karga's relationship with Mando is fraught with conflict, but the persuasive broker always faces the tension with compromise and offers of partnership.

In a way, Greef Karga provides the balance in Mando's life, setting the Mandalorian on his path and keeping that path oriented. An exemplary Libra, Karga is forced to bear the weight of conflict between Mando, Moff Gideon, Cara Dune and even the Bounty Hunters' Guild itself, but he always keeps the scales from tipping too far.

Scorpio: Aurra Sing

Scorpios probably have the most apt animal symbol for their nature. Like the scorpion, Scorpios can be dangerous — even deadly. They're known to be powerful, emotional, passionate, and forceful. A bounty hunter dominated by those traits would be a truly lethal force to be reckoned with, and that's why Aurra Sing best fits the bill.

Over the course of "The Clone Wars," Sing demonstrates a ruthlessness and sadism that few other bounty hunters possess. Bounty hunting as a profession necessarily demands some snapping of necks in order to cash those checks, but most hunters view the snapping as a necessary evil, or at least a banal effort in their work. Sing, however, proves again and again that, to her, that the checks aren't quite as important as the necks.

Perhaps it's no surprise, then, that Scorpio is often called "The Deadly Warrior," and they accomplish their missions "relentlessly and without paying attention to possible karmic or other consequences." That's not to say that Scorpios are inherently evil — even Sing volunteered to raise the young and recently fatherless Boba Fett. But it's worth mentioning that her primary goal was to teach him the art of killing, and one of her first lessons to young Fett was that he should destroy a ship full of children.

Sagittarius: Dengar

People born under the Sagittarius signs are travelers. They love exploration, they feel at home anywhere in the world (or galaxy), and have just as much fun going it alone. Just as they love the straight line that gets them from point A to point B, so too do they love straightforward communication. In other words, they're direct, simple, and solitary -– essentially Alaskan mountain men. The Star Wars Universe has its own such character in the leathery old salt, Dengar.

Dengar's long career ran from the Clone Wars through the Rebellion and even into the age of the New Republic. In that time, the crusty old barnacle likely claimed more bounties than he spoke words. Though he wasn't above joining with other hunters as, for example, in the stellar aforementioned "Clone Wars" episode "Bounty," Dengar spent the vast majority of his long, long tenure by himself. He cruised the starways, blasted his marks, collected his due, and set out again. On the few occasions in which Dengar interacted with others for more than a brief moment, the cool but rude hunter was always short and to the point.

Perhaps the one way in which Dengar could be said to be outgoing and chatty was his tendency to flirt with any female in sight. Even the menacing Asajj Ventress wasn't immune to Dengar's advances, but that just proves him to be a Sagittarius even more. Nothing, not even a clear threat of death, could stop a Sagittarius like Dengar from exercising his freedom and straightforwardness.

Capricorn: Bossk

If there's one thing that the Trandoshan bounty hunter Bossk is famous for, it's probably being a giant lizard-man with a gun. But if there's a second quality, it's his unwavering devotion to the Bounty Hunter Code. During the "Doctor Aphra" audiobook, Bossk even says, throwing shade at his peers, "Unlike some people ... I believe in upholding the Code at any cost." Capricorns, who are known to be practical, prudent, honorable, and careful, can count Bossk among their ranks.

Capricorns have a reputation for being responsible and putting their careers first, even to the detriment of other aspects of their life. Bossk, who never put much effort into friendships, romance, or really anything but the hunt, is a Capricorn almost to a fault. For a Capricorn, fitting into a solid hierarchy with clear-cut rules and a standardized methodology is the dream. Lucky for Bossk, the Bounty Hunters' Guild and the Bounty Hunter Code provide the reptile with the perfect framework in which to comfortably operate.

As a boy, Boba Fett was fortunate enough for a time to call Bossk a mentor. The Capricorn's practical wisdom and dedication to duty were crucial in balancing out Asajj Ventress's bloodlust and turning young Fett into the master hunter he later became.

Aquarius: Zam Wesell

Aquarius is the air sign to end all air signs. It goes wherever the wind blows and is mutable enough to even become the wind. Aquarius signs are known to be inventive, original, and unpredictable. If there's one thing they dislike most, it's limitations. They're so fluid in nature that their astrological symbol is just a jug of water. You might say that Aquarius signs are changelings. Though it's a little on the (constantly-morphing) nose, Zam Wesell is literally a changeling, and so best represents Aquarius among the "Star Wars" bounty hunters.

Wesell was a Clawdite, a race that could alter their appearance to perfectly match any face they chose — a handy ability for someone whose job it is to sneak around undetected and get in close to their targets. She often chose to present as a human female, but her range was considerably larger than that. Living the Aquarius dream, she could take any form and go wherever she pleased.

Her adaptability went beyond her physical form, as well. When hired to assassinate Senator Padmé Amidala, one of Wessell's stratagems was as unique as it gets. She programmed a surveillance droid to laser-cut a hole in the sleeping Amidala's window and release two venomous insects into the room, the goal being a lethal bite. Compared to the constant, unimaginative blaster shots of some of her peers, Zam Wessell's creativity is a breath of fresh air (sign).

Pisces: Mando

Last but certainly not least in the astrological calendar is Pisces. Let's describe a default Pisces and let you fill in the bounty hunter you think best fits the role (ignoring the giant Mandalorian picture above). Pisces are fish, and so rely on suits of scaly armor to keep them safe. Beneath the armor, their center is exceptionally warm and soft, so Pisces tend to seek out extra layers of protection, or perhaps a stronger material. They're sensitive, compassionate, and selfless, but their natural instinct and intuition keeps them looking cool and aloof. You just may have guessed it already, but there is no bounty hunter that better exemplifies Pisces than the Mandalorian, aka Din Djarin.

No bounty hunter except Mando would spend years protecting and raising a baby they were hired to deliver. It was that Pisces intuition that alerted Mando to the unusually sketchy nature of his task when sent to kidnap Grogu, aka Baby Yoda. Then his Pisces compassion and gentleness impelled him to save the child. Over the two seasons of "The Mandalorian," the titular Mando has proven time and again that he would stop at nothing to protect the child, and no other bounty hunter could say that. Therefore, all you kind, caring Pisces can look to the Mandalorian as the "Star Wars" bounty hunter that represents your zodiac sign.