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The One High School DxD Character Fans Can't Stand

If you like your anime to come with a side of biblical mythology and risqué humor, then "High School DxD" is the show for you. It all starts when the main protagonist Issei Hyoudou goes on the worst date ever with a beautiful woman who, before bidding him goodnight, asks him if he'll die for her. Then she fatally stabs him in the abdomen. But it's okay because she and her fellow fallen angels use their supernatural powers to bring him back to life, while at the same time spiritually enslaving him to their "harem."

In between Issei and company attending high school and fighting supernatural enemies, fans can look forward to the sexual exploits and romantic encounters associated with the harem anime genre. You'd think this would be everything an anime fan could ever ask for, but not all agree. One specific gripe that many "High School DxD" fans have boils down to a particular character that they all love to hate...but is all of the hate really justified?

Some fans hate Asia so much that they hope she dies

Despite her sweet, angelic face and wholesome demeanor, Asia is by far the most hated character in the series. In this MyAnimeList forum post, there are three whole pages on the topic of how fans feel about Asia — and each of those pages has dozens and dozens of comments. The vast majority of those comments range from "Can't say i hate her, but for me she is the lowest rank on Issei's harem" (user Flashoftheback) to extremes like "I cried over the fact she didn't die in [Season 3]. Still hope she dies in some way or another" (user Klad). Sentiments on Twitter are equally hostile.

There are various reasons why fans of the show feel this way. Many of them center around her character's voice, hair, and general appearance. It may seem intense to fly into a rage over such superficial characteristics, but when half of the show's appeal is the physical attractiveness of the female characters, fans can get into heated discussions about those very aspects. Unfortunately for them, Asia is a prominent figure in the show and the manga, so they'll have to deal with her for the foreseeable future.