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Yellowstone's Kelly Reilly Breaks Her Silence On Season 4's Shocking Ending

"Yellowstone" is a popular drama from Paramount Network that tells the tale of the ruthless Dutton family. Starring Kevin Costner, Kelly Reilly, Luke Grimes, Wes Bentley, and Cole Hauser, "Yellowstone" follows the Duttons as they wade through an unforgiving landscape of dirty business deals, violent revenge, and political corruption. Season 4 of the popular show just wrapped up with a record-smashing finale, and this season saw the Dutton family under siege from all sides. 

At the beginning of Season 4, the family was reeling after John (Costner), Kayce (Grimes), and Beth (Reilly) were targeted in a coordinated assassination attempt. Although they all survived, the Duttons were still eager to find out exactly who wanted them dead. When the identity of the person behind the attempts was revealed, Beth put a devious plan into motion to regain control of the situation. 

Now, following the deadly Season 4 finale, Kelly Reilly has weighed in on how she really feels about Beth's Machiavellian scheme.

Kelly Reilly calls Beth's finale power play 'the darkest thing she's ever done'

The "Yellowstone" assassination plot came to a head at the end of Season 4 when it was revealed that Jamie Dutton's (Bentley) biological father, Garrett Randall (Will Patton), was behind it all. After Beth discovers the truth, she threatens and blackmails Jamie into making an impossible choice: have his various betrayals of the Dutton family made public, which would no doubt result in his death or imprisonment once the family turns on him, or do her dirty work by killing Randall himself. He chooses the latter. To add salt to the wound, she also takes incriminating photos of Jamie with his father's body as an extra insurance policy. 

During an interview with Esquire, Reilly opened up about Beth's actions. "It's the darkest thing she's ever done. But it's so smart because she knew she had to destroy Garrett, right?" the actor explained. "But if she did it herself, it puts her in danger. So she twists it. She's a master manipulator. She goes in there full well, I think, knowing what option Jamie's going to pick. She knows he will choose safety of himself. He would choose to kill his father and be owned by them, and Beth wouldn't do that in a heartbeat, she'd take the bullet for herself."

With Randall gone and Jamie under her thumb, it will be intriguing to see where Beth goes from here in Season 5. Considering what we've seen from the character thus far, though, we're sure it won't be boring.