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Where Does Peacemaker Fit Into The Suicide Squad Timeline?

Given that the DC universe is scattered in every direction with certain 'verses' in one corner collecting dust and the likes of "Aquaman" and "Black Adam" getting ready for action in the other, it's easy to lose track over just where each hero in the DCEU timeline. One particular newcomer that was put out of action following their debut was John Cena's toilet helmet-clad hero, Peacemaker, who is arriving on HBO Max in a brand new show.

Written and created by James Gunn, the show sees more adventures to be had with the man dedicated to preserving peace, no matter how many men, women, or children he needs to kill to do so. Last seen getting taken down by Bloodsport (Idris Elba) after leaving Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman) in tatters in "The Suicide Squad," the hero in red, white, and chrome is back in action for "Peacemaker." The only question is, when does his latest mission take place?

Peacemaker kicks off right after The Suicide Squad

Warning: Light spoilers for the first episode of "Peacemaker" ahead.

Following the teaser shown at the DC Fandome last year and confirmed by Gunn himself on Twitter, "Peacemaker" does occur after "The Suicide Squad." In the show's first episode, "A Whole New Whirled," we're reunited with Christopher Smith, who is reviewing an X-ray of his injuries following Operation: Starfish. Besides required physiotherapy for his shoulder, Peacemaker is free to go, much to his reluctance.

The recovery period would suggest that it's been more than a few weeks since our hero was last seen in action, thanks to his conversation with a member of the hospital staff. Concerned if anyone has been checking in on him during his hospital stay, Peacemaker asks ward orderly Jamil (Rizwan Manji) if the coast is clear before opening up to him about who he really is. It's then Christopher recalls a time when the two smoked weed together, suggesting that he's undoubtedly spent a sizable stint in a hospital gown, and while his recovery has been swift, it's not been at superspeed like some heroes. You can, of course, see where things go from here when "Peacemaker" debuts on HBO Max on January 13.