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Are Daniel Radcliffe And Rupert Grint From Harry Potter Friends In Real Life?

Actors Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint may forever remain linked to one another due to the years of their lives they spent starring opposite each other as Harry Potter and Ron Weasley in a total of eight films. In the years since, however, the two actors' careers have largely diverged, netting both of them altogether different types of roles in a variety of projects.

Radcliffe, for example, embarked on a career that notably includes a number of unusual roles in films somewhat outside of the mainstream. These include the dark fantasy comedy "Horns" and reanimated corpse dramedy "Swiss Army Man," among others. Grint, meanwhile, has happened into a perhaps more conventional career, starring in works like the underrated sitcom "Sick Note."

Due to their childhoods spent performing together over the course of a decade, some fans may be wondering, in spite of their separate career paths, whether or not Radcliffe and Grint are friends with one another to this day.

Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint keep in contact

In a January 2021 Sunday Times interview, Rupert Grint described his childhood stardom as something of a difficult subject for him nowadays. "If I ever do see Dan [Radcliffe] or Emma [Watson]," he said," fame is the one thing we never talk about." While far from definitive, his use of "if" rather than "when" suggests that Daniel Radcliffe isn't someone he sees on a regular basis.

As reported by People, Radcliffe similarly characterized their friendship as sporadic in a no longer available episode of "On Air." While he denied rumors that the two of them are unfriendly with one another, he told host Ryan Seacrest, "I know that the next time I see Rupert, we'll sit next to each other and chat, and it will be like old times." So, while Radcliffe described the two of them as good friends, he qualified that statement with the implication that they only see each other on occasion.

That said, the two actors do seem to keep in regular contact. A report by Insider, for example, quotes Radcliffe as revealing on an episode of Bravo's "Watch What Happens Live" that he texted Grint to congratulate him on the birth of his daughter. Furthermore, their co-star Emma Watson told Entertainment Tonight that the three of them remain in contact through a group text thread.

So, while Radcliffe and Grint may not see each other with any regularity, the two of them appear to remain good friends.