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Get A Sneak Peek At A Tense Reunion From The Expanse Season 6 Episode 5 - Exclusive Clip

It's only been a few weeks since "The Expanse" returned to grace our Amazon Prime Video screens, and already we're nearing the end. The feeling is nothing new for fans of the epic space opera series based on the work of James S.A. Corey (a pen name for authors Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck) — they've had to bid farewell to James Holden (Steven Strait) and the crew of the Rocinante before. The show was canceled once by Syfy only to be revived by Amazon, reportedly because Jeff Bezos is such a fan. The streamer breathed new life (and budget) into the franchise, resulting in three additional seasons of sci-fi TV, but despite the largesse of this IP's titanic benefactor, this next ending fast approaching appears to be of the permanent variety (a potential film sequel notwithstanding).

That said, we still have two episodes of the series left to enjoy as we all hurtle along with the crew of the Rocinante toward an inevitable confrontation with Marco Inaros (Keon Alexander) and the ineffable big bad lurking in the upper-dimensional background of the cosmos.

While the war with Marco's Free Navy has been front and center, we still feel the need to mention the alien threat, since Episode 4 dedicated no fewer than six minutes to introducing Winston Duarte (Dylan Taylor), the high consul on the planet Laconia. Judging by this exclusive clip from Episode 5 provided to Looper by Amazon, we'll be dropping back into the war story this week, but keep Laconia and Winston Duarte in the back of your mind.

As any book reader will tell you — that dude is important.

A frosty reunion for Naomi and Drummer

The exclusive clip from Season 6 Episode 5 of "The Expanse" features a tense conversation between longtime comrades Naomi Nagata (Dominique Tipper) and Camina Drummer (Cara Gee), who — quite frankly — has been the standout character throughout this final season. The brief scene is emotionally charged and layered; it skillfully relies as much on what is left unsaid between Naomi and Drummer as the words that pass between them.

Naomi and Drummer are both Belters by birth — and former members of the OPA, the precursor organization to Marco's Free Navy. While Drummer threw her lot in with the moderate Fred Johnson (Chad Coleman), Naomi actually began her OPA life as a terrorist and partner to Marco. The two women both find themselves fighting against their Belter brethren in this latest conflict, a connection that should breed camaraderie, but it's clear from this scene that the last few years of fighting and loss have only driven a wedge between them.

Drummer runs down all the members of her space-faring family she's lost as a result of her decision to support the Inners in their war against the Free Navy. "We've all lost a great deal," Naomi tells Drummer, in an ill-fated attempt to build a bridge over the emotional chasm between them.

"Some more than others," is Drummer's clipped reply.

"The Expanse" drops new episodes weekly on Fridays on Amazon Prime Video. Episode 5 will premiere on January 7.