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The Wheel Of Time Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass. And in this Age, our Age, Robert Jordan's beloved series has come to pass on Amazon Prime. In fact, Amazon has such faith in "The Wheel of Time," they renewed it for a second season before the first season even aired. When that first season ended, it wasn't hard to see why. There are epic fights, powerful women, complex, evolving relationships, and magic galore. 

Ultimately, what makes the show so great is the characters. There's someone for everyone to relate to — though we have a feeling more people feel drawn to Rand al'Thor than Eamon Valda. However, even the Whitecloaks, we have to believe, just want a group to belong to. They can't all be evil. Just as the Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah can't all have a grudge against men and the Green Ajah can't all be into polyamory. 

The various factions in "The Wheel of Time" don't define the characters, they just give them different facets to their identities — much like the zodiac does in our world. But what if the zodiac existed in their world? Would your favorite characters share your sign? Maybe. The only way to find out is to read on and learn what character from "The Wheel of Time" you would be based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: Rand al'Thor

It's fitting that a man called the Dragon Reborn would be associated with a fire sign that burns as brightly as Aries. For that matter, Aries is the first of the cardinal signs, which represent those who get things started and take action. As the Dragon, Rand is the one who begins the march towards the Last Battle, something Moiraine only realizes after his battle at the Eye of the World. It wasn't the end — it was just the beginning.

For that reason, it's fortunate that the fiery Aries have boundless energy. Rand will need that once he realizes he did not, in fact, defeat the Dark One and has many more battles to come. Something else he'll need is Aries' courageousness and independence. Fortunately, those are both things he's demonstrated — even if that independence had us all yelling at our screens when he leaves his friends behind. 

Yes, Rand does this to do battle at the Eye of the World alone and save their lives, but he never even talks it over with them. Aries can be a bit thoughtless and what Rand does in Fal Dara hurts his friends — especially Egwene. Hearing from Moiraine that he dies in the battle will only make things worse. But that's the decision Rand made. He wants to be the hero and run off to battle, rather than risk hurting those he loves when he goes mad from the One Power. 

Taurus: Perrin Aybara

We know what you're thinking. Perrin's yellow eyes and bonding with a certain canine species make him, at times, seem more wolf-like than bull. Make no mistake, though, Aybarra is a Taurus through and through. Plus, when he goes yellow-eyed and feral, watch out, because he's the definition of a "bull in a china shop." In fact, that is kind of how his poor wife, Laila, dies as Perrin fights the Trollocs.

One of the fixed signs, Tauruses are builders and creators who take pride in their handiwork, something the Two Rivers' one-time blacksmith knows plenty about. At least, he does before he has to abandon his forge and go on the run with Morraine. Still, even traveling, Perrin approaches everything just as carefully and deliberatively as his smithing — just like those born under the sign of the bull.

They tend to prefer keeping their relationships relatively free of drama, something Perrin, for the most part, does his best to maintain. Perrin stuffs his feelings for Egwene down in deference to Rand — at least until Nyneave kicks that hornet's nest by telling Perrin and Rand to stop squabbling over Egwene like she is a prize to be won. Perrin, though, doesn't seem to view Egwene as a prize, so much as someone he prizes and needs to protect at all costs. Even if it means giving up his life to the Whitecloaks to save her. And that is a true hallmark of the protective bull.

Gemini: Mat Cauthon

Poor Mat Cauthon. With two young sisters to look after and parents who aren't worth the time of day, it's no wonder he's got two sides to him. Is he a charming rogue or a thieving scoundrel? Both, actually. The twins are some of the most fascinatingly deep members of the zodiac, and getting to know their different facets can be half the fun.

Mat's a man quick with the quips, who is loyal to his friends and eager to make others laugh, but he's learned to do what he must to survive. He's capable of being the life of the party and the moody brooder in the corner, both traits of Geminis. Or at least he was, before the taint of Shadar Logoth worked its way into him. Though he seems to have been purged, the Mat we're left with is a whole new binary: the scoundrel of old and the shadow-haunted man of today.

As adaptable as Geminis are — and Mat certainly seems capable of going along with any situation — they're also prone to secret anxieties. That's something Mat has fought with his entire life, even before picking up that accursed dagger. He's always worrying that someday he might turn into his worthless father or drunk mother. A lifetime of that is maybe why, in the end, his darker nature seems to win out over the loyalty to his loved ones as he refuses to accompany them to the Eye of the World.

Cancer: Egwene al'Vere

Don't let Egwene's small stature fool you. She, like many Cancers, dreams big. It's why she decides to join Nynaeve as apprentice Wisdom of Two Rivers. At the time, becoming the Wisdom of the town was the highest rank she could imagine, but events soon transpire that make Aes Sedai seems much more enticing.

This desire does not come from the pursuit of power or a grandiose sense of self, though. Egwene wants to help people. She's protective and caring, which can, oddly enough, cause a bit of conflict. She's torn between doing what's best for people and pleasing them, a common Cancer dilemma. It drives a wedge between her and Rand when she chooses the path of a Wisdom, which means they can never marry.

Her protective nature rears up when she and Perrin are held prisoner by the Whitecloaks when she refuses to let Perrin sacrifice himself for her survival. It gives her the strength that allows them both to escape. Cancers, though, can be a bit too sentimental and cling to folks longer than they should. That's not to say she's doing that with Rand, but the two have had their share of problems, and it may soon be time to call things off. Of course, it doesn't help that he fakes his own death and runs off. However, should he ever re-emerge, a red flag or two's never stopped a Cancer from pursuing love. 

Leo: Nynaeve al'Meara

To say Nynaeve has a strong personality would be an understatement. She knows who she is and how to make her voice. Once her views are clear, she also ensures her wishes are followed. Is there a single Leo who doesn't do the same? Then again, as Wisdom of Two Rivers, that is pretty much her job. Having been orphaned at a young age when her parents were killed, we can forgive her for having a bit of a chip on her shoulder. If she gets a bit into Leo bossiness from feeling like she has to fight for her place in the world, then so be it.

Sometimes that bossiness comes out of a sense of frustration, though. Leos are confident leaders with high standards. They expect the best out of you. Though Nynaeve leaves the Two Rivers behind, she still considers her friends from back home her responsibility. It's that brilliant leonine strength that allows her to shine — quite literally, when the One Power comes bursting out of her — when helping those that can't help themselves.

This happens when healing the Aes Sedai after Logain's attack. It happens when fighting off the Black Wind after it made the foolish mistake of taunting her for failing to protect her people. And it happens when pulling Egwene back from the brink of death after wiping the Trolloc army from the face of the map.

Virgo: Moiraine Damodred

Honest, reliable, and elegant. There's quite honestly a good bit of Virgo in all the Aes Sedai. Moiraine, though, is the first Aes Sedai we meet, so it's only natural that we judge the others by the standard she sets. Virgos are elegance defined, and while that's mostly true of many Aes Sedai, it's especially apt in Morraine's case, as she hails from the royal house Damodred, rulers of Cairhien.

To outsiders — and especially to the group from the Two Rivers — Morraine is detached and driven. They don't trust her, but why should they? The Aes Sedai, like many with power, have a reputation for manipulation. Beyond that, Morraine isn't exactly forthright with her secrets at first. That's something Virgos understand well.

Underneath the placid surface she presents to most of the world, Morraine's mind is constantly working, constantly worrying, and constantly wondering if she's doing the right thing. Those are the fears Machin Shin preys on in the Ways, effectively paralyzing someone who should have been the most capable person in the group. But then, overthinking is something Virgos know well.

As one of the mutable signs, Virgos tend to be administrators. In other words, they finish up projects that other signs start, and there isn't a project that needs finishing more urgently than the Final Battle. It's something Morraine is driven to see through one way or another, whether it means aiding the Dragon Reborn or killing him.

Libra: Alanna Mosvani

Libras love being in love — it is, after all, the sign of relationships. Relationships are what Alanna seems to do best. However, maybe that shouldn't be plural — after all, it seems to be just one relationship with two men. Alanna's throuple with her Warders, while delightfully acceptable in the world of the "Wheel of Time," certainly set tongues wagging in our much more mundane world.

Libras are all about harmony, of course, which is a bit odd for the Green Ajah. Harmony from the battle arm of the Aes Sedai? That seems unusual. Off the battlefield, Alanna is concerned with fairness and maintaining balance in her personal life. On top of that, building connections among the twelve signs is a hallmark of the air signs like Libra. So it makes a bit of sense that Alanna would try to build connections among the Ajahs.

She speaks up even in Liandrin's defense (and let's face it, few outside of her own Ajah actually like the frosty Red) in front of the Amyrlin Seat. Letting Liandrin be punished for something Alanna agreed was unavoidable — Logain's gentling — wouldn't have been fair, just as Alanna clearly didn't feel Moiraine's banishment from the White Tower was fair. However, considering that her friends were secretly plotting against her, that mock punishment was beyond even a Libra's considerable powers of reconciliation. 

Scorpio: Lan Mandragoran

Beware the sting of the scorpion — and Lan's blade. Of course a Warder as deadly and dedicated as he would be a Scorpio. After all, none are as intense as this water sign on a mission, and few are more willing to charge straight into the jaws of danger rather than away. As Morraine's Warder, these are traits that Lan, more than even other Warders, must embrace. He's accompanying her on their journey to the Last Battle. It doesn't get much more dangerous than that. 

Despite first impressions on the folks from the Two Rivers, though, Lan is not a shallow, one-note warrior. His emotions and thoughts run as deep as the most complex of Scorpios, and it doesn't take long for him to fall for the equally complex Nynaeve.

To chase the Dragon Reborn and the Dark One for 20 years requires a level of bravery and loyalty that's rare — unless you're born under the scorpion's sign. Sometimes, though, that loyalty borders on a Scorpio's obsession because Lan will not let his duty go. When Moiraine masks their bond to keep him from following, Lan agonizes over not being able to follow — until, that is, Nynaeve shows him to the Aes Sedai he vowed to protect. Lan then charges headfirst, alone, into the Blight and towards what, as far as he believes, is the Last Battle and his inevitable death. 

Sagittarius: Thom Merrilin

Everyone loves a Sagittarius, just as everyone loves a gleeman. They're both consummate extroverts — and in a gleeman's case, they have to be. They make a living by traveling around the known world, entertaining common folk and nobility alike by winning everyone over. Through it all, they walk their own path, just like a Sagittarius. Thom, though, wasn't always a gleeman. Once, he was a court bard for the royal family of Andor. Then, for reasons known only to him, he leaves it all behind to go his own way.

Like many a Sagittarius, Thom's got a sharp mind with a philosophical bent, often using his songs and stories to impart some wisdom to his listeners. It's something he tries to do with Rand and Mat. When he comes across the latter about to rob a dead Aiel, Thom forces him to pause and think about his actions before he goes down a dark and dangerous path. It seems to work — for a time. In the end, there's only so much he can do for Mat. 

That's a problem Sagittarians face — wanting to help a bit too much. This is something Thom surely understands when he single-handedly faces off against a Fade after taking the lost boys, Rand and Mat, under his wing.

Capricorn: Min Farshaw

If there's one thing to know about Capricorns, it's that they are practical. This, more than almost anything else, has come to define Min. It has to. As she tells Rand, she may be able to tap into the Pattern and get hints of the future, but that doesn't give her or anyone else any power over fate. Her visions always come true regardless of whether people try stopping them, helping them, or ignoring them.

Min, though, like many Capricorns, just wants to be left alone in charge of her own destiny. Unfortunately, that doesn't always fly in the real world. The Blue Ajah and, more specifically, Morraine, have other ideas. They may leave Min to live her life, but they have no problem calling upon her talents. She doesn't want to get involved, but she will reluctantly share what she knows – with a little threat from Morraine about blowing up Min's life and ensuring she's never left alone again.

Still, Min's a good person, which is, of course, true of Capricorns, just as it's true of all the signs. There's good and bad in everyone, and that's something that Min knows better than most, thanks to her visions of the Pattern. However, seeing those visions means she has to know how to keep a secret — and that's where a reliable earth sign comes in handy. The world learning the Dragon had been reborn before he was ready would be nothing short of disastrous. 

Aquarius: Siuan Sanche

It takes a powerful, calculating woman to keep control of the White Tower and pull the various Ajahs of the Aes Sedai together. As Alanna warns Morraine, there are plots within plots at the White Tower as sisters are eying the Amyrlin Seat. More specifically, eying the current Seat, Siuan Sanche. Independent, intellectual, and deeply understanding of the need for teamwork, Aquarians have the skillset needed to rule the Aes Sedai. Fortunately, those are traits Siuan has in abundance.

Unfortunately, making the calculated decisions needed to rule can make Siuan, like those of the water sign, seem impersonal and unemotional. The thing is, for the Amyrlin Seat, this isn't a negative trait, but a necessary one. She must plan, pass judgment and rule a fractious, but incredibly powerful group of women. Siuan must do it while keeping quiet her hidden mission, prompting her to banish her secret lover, Morraine, from the White Tower, never once letting her broken emotions slip through.

As for that hidden mission, it doesn't get more Aquarian than that. Those of the late zodiac sign don't spend too much time lost in the past, or sweating the present — they're too focused on the future. Siuan has been single-mindedly focused on the future for decades, ever since she and Morraine heard the prophecy that the Dragon had been reborn. It has, in fact, consumed her, first as an Aes Sedai and now as the Amyrlin Seat.

Pisces: Loial

Pisces are accepting and easy-going, and, in the world of "The Wheel of Time," you don't get much more easy-going than the Ogier. This exceedingly peaceful and patient race, like Loial, simply accepts those in front of them for who they are, judgment-free. Loial knows the foibles of humans, but someone like Rand drawing a sword on him earns little more than a chuckle. Humans are humans — good, bad, or ridiculous. 

Flexibility, however, is also a Pisces trait, but it is not one that the Ogier embrace. They're sturdy people who know their place in the world and, more importantly, in their steddings. That's what makes Loial so special. He wasn't content with the rigid Ogier society he was born into. He wanted to leave, explore, and learn about the human world. So that's what he did. Clearly, Loial has no problem rolling with the punches. He met Rand, befriended the group, and headed off on a new adventure with them at the drop of a hat.

Pisces can seem reserved at first, and while Loial is happy to engage, his slower, more deliberative Ogier nature can make him seem distant to most humans upon meeting him. It doesn't take long, though, for them to learn that Loial, like those of the fish sign, is actually overflowing with ideas, with a deep love of learning new things to share with others.