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Is Kevin Beets From Gold Rush Engaged?

One thing you learn from watching Discovery's "Gold Rush" is that mining is often a family affair. Plenty of people get into this line of work because it's been a family trade for years. This is most evident with "Gold Rush" star Parker Schnabel, whose father, Roger Schnabel, has been featured haphazardly throughout the show's run since the second season. There's also Todd Hoffman, who was inspired to pick up the trade from his father, which will soon be documented in the upcoming reality series "Hoffman Family Gold."

Tony Beets, a.k.a. the King of the Klondike, falls into a similar situation. He's raised his son, Kevin, and daughter, Monica, to adapt to the mining lifestyle from young ages, as documented on the show, so it's clear he's all about family, as well. His kids have followed in his footsteps to carry on the tradition, and by all accounts, his son, Kevin, may have wedding bells in the future.

Kevin Beets is in a relationship with Faith Teng

Looking through his social media profiles, it's evident that Kevin Beets likes to keep his personal life private. There's not a ton of information about his relationship with Faith Teng, although it appears the two have been going out for quite some time. There's even a picture on Facebook of the two of them together at the Specialty Equipment Market Association show back in 2019. Meanwhile, Faith Teng doesn't appear to have any real social media presence at all, so anyone wanting to keep up with the couple will have to tune into new episodes of "Gold Rush" as they become available.

Faith Teng has become a part of Beets' mining crew, regularly appearing in the reality series to lend a helping hand when possible. You can see her out on the site on a picture on Monica Beets' Instagram page. It appears Faith Teng is in good with the Beets family, so is it possible we'll hear wedding bells in the near future? It would certainly make for a nice special episode to see the two finally tie the knot, but that remains to be seen.