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The Rachael Ray And American Pickers Crossover You Forgot Happened

Crossovers are a storied tradition in the halls of television. People just get such a kick out of seeing their favorite characters step into a different yet familiar world. And while the Flintstones meeting the Jetsons may be the gold standard when it comes to this practice, there are plenty of instances that flew under the radar when they first came out. 

If you're a fan of History's "American Pickers," you're probably all too familiar with the work of Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz. The two pickers have traveled all over the country looking for finds in people's garages, and they've utilized their fame from that series to appear elsewhere. For instance, Fritz had a brief but memorable appearance on an episode of "American Dad!"

However, fans of "American Pickers" may have never realized the duo also showed up on a different reality series. It's time to look back at the time Wolfe and Fritz tried to buy some props off of Rachael Ray.

Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz educated Rachael Ray on some of her props

Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz are used to going through old junk. So it seemed like a natural fit when the pair arrived on Rachael Ray's show to take a look at some of the props she's used over the years. It makes sense she would have some sentimental attachment to the props, but the guys are all business. And they're actually willing to cut a deal with her for the right price. 

Wolfe doesn't exactly start things on the right foot when he offers to pay $12 for an empty film reel case; however, Fritz gets things back on track by taking a look at a lamp with a peacock-inspired shade. While his offer's slightly better, Ray still isn't too happy. She has listings for all of the items up for grabs, so she knows precisely how much her team paid for the items, and as she quickly learns, they really overpaid for all this stuff.

Everyone wins by the end of the episode. Wolfe and Fritz make off with a few valuable items, and Ray gets some money to put back into the props department. And the guys probably enjoyed not having to rummage through a dusty shed for a change.