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The Question Parks And Recreation Fans Still Have About Ben And Leslie's Wedding

The workplace comedy centered around the Parks and Recreation department of the small town of Pawnee made fans fall in love with its characters. "Parks and Recreation," which many considered a sequel to the American adaptation of "The Office," built characters who, with their inane habits, bizarre ideas, can-do attitude, and abundant warmth, captured audiences for six seasons.

But as much as the quirks of each individual character impacted the appeal of the show, so did many of the relationships. Whether it was Ann Perkins (Rashida Jones) and Chris Traeger's (Rob Lowe) cute relationship, or April (Aubrey Plaza) and Andy's (Chris Pratt) unconditional love for each other, the show came to be known for its off-beat yet idealistic relationships. When talking about ideal couples in "Parks and Recreation," one cannot avoid talking about Ben (Adam Scott) and Leslie (Amy Poehler).

Though their love story began as that of forbidden love, Ben and Leslie, at every step, showed exactly why they were perfect for each other. One of the highlights of their journey together was their wedding. After planning a big wedding, Ben and Leslie decided to get married suddenly during their fundraising gala in Season 5. The couple got married in an intimate ceremony at their office in the presence of their closest friends, completed with Ben and Leslie's, "I love you and I like you"  — and fans loved it.

However, fans still had questions about the wedding episode that have remained unanswered.

Fans felt some things were missing from the wedding

The details of the last-minute wedding caught many by surprise. The obvious question was: How did Ben and Leslie marry in the absence of their family members? In earlier seasons, Leslie's mother Marlene Griggs-Knope (Pamela Reed) appeared on-screen frequently and held an important role in Leslie's life, last appearing during Ben and Leslie's wedding shower. Ben's parents only made one appearance on the show, but Ben and Leslie insisted that their families come to the wedding — and fans remembered these details.

On the "Parks and Recreation" subreddit, u/doomer1111 wrote, "Their wedding annoyed me because they said that they both wanted their parents there. I believe Leslie said, 'I don't want to get married without my mom here.' ...However, then they had the impulsive wedding? Not saying I didn't like their wedding, but it seems like a plot hole."

Another fan named u/DoCallMeCordelia wrote, "That's something I kind of hate about the wedding episode. Ben gave that whole talk about how his parents needed to get over themselves and come to the wedding, and then suddenly neither of them wants their parents there."

Some fans also wondered about the originally-planned wedding, like U/Alexapro_ who said, "The wedding the show put together was totally fitting and I don't think it was poorly written or anything, I just would've loved to have a full wedding episode with all their shenanigans."

With these daunting questions, we can't help but wonder what the original wedding would've had in store for us.