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The Real Reason Cobra Kai Season 4 Was So Difficult To Shoot

Contains spoilers for "Cobra Kai" Season 4

The fourth season of "Cobra Kai" just wrapped, and fans of Netflix's "Karate Kid" spinoff series are already counting down the days until the next installment arrives. Over the course of 10 hard-hitting episodes, viewers sat back in amazement as they watched Miyagi-Do Karate and Eagle Fang attempt to combine their expertise in an effort to put an end to the corrupt Cobra Kai dojo once and for all. It was a good idea in theory.

Naturally, things didn't go according to plan for Johnny (William Zabka), Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio), and their students. This was partly due to Johnny and Daniel's constant bickering and fundamental differences in karate philosophies. But the bonds that were built, broken, and repaired along the way made for some dramatic, action-packed, and often hilarious viewing all the same.

As viewers, it's easy to sit back and enjoy the trials and tribulations that each "Cobra Kai" character goes through without giving it much thought. However, for the actors involved, it's a lot of hard work as they have to perform so many complex karate moves and stunts. That being said, the fight scenes weren't the only challenge during the production of "Cobra Kai" Season 4.

Cobra Kai Season 4 wasn't a warm experience

Outside of the impressive fight sequences and the characters we've come to love and loathe, the entire "Karate Kid" franchise is associated with sunny settings, such as the San Fernando Valley and Tomi Village in Japan. "Cobra Kai" is no different. However, much like Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith) claiming to be a stable, happy vegan, weather climates can be deceiving in this franchise.

Taking to Twitter following the release of "Cobra Kai" Season 4, co-creator Jon Hurwitz shared a behind-the-scenes clip from the "Party Time" episode, which saw some of the young karate enthusiasts get into a scrap at a prom night pool party. Hurwitz revealed that it was "truly freezing almost every moment of our S4 shoot in Atlanta," but noted that night was especially cold. The showrunner then went on to praise the performers for acting like they were in "sunny LA."

Still, everyone seemed to have a fun time shooting the scene. The clip in question shows Peyton List voluntarily cannonballing into the freezing pool as her colleagues egg her on. Here's hoping that none of them caught a cold afterward.