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Robert Pattinson Rushes To Save His Brother In New Good Time Trailer

Robert Pattinson is a man on a mission in the new trailer for his upcoming thriller Good Time. The movie, which comes from A24, the indie studio behind Get Out, stars Pattinson as Connie, a man who will stop at nothing to get his mentally handicapped brother Nick (Ben Safdie) out of jail after their attempted bank robbery goes awry.

The new trailer begins with Connie talking to Jennifer Jason Leigh's Corey about what happened. "I told you about my brother, I told you about the program he's forced to attend and how he shouldn't be there," he says. "Something happened. I don't know exactly what. My brother's been arrested, he's being held at Riker's Island. He could get killed there."

Connie vows to get his brother out that night, but to do so, he's going to need a lot of cash. The rest of the trailer focuses mostly on action, showing the many trials Connie must go through in order to free his brother. It also highlights Nick's troubles in prison, with a therapist telling him, "This place can be a lot of fun if you let it. You're gonna have a good time." 

Pattinson has received rave reviews for his performance in the film, which is directed by Safdie and his brother Josh based on a script from Josh and Ronald Bronstein (Heaven Knows What). Lennice Webster, Buddy Duress, and Barkhad Abdi also star in the film, which is currently set for an Aug. 11 release. While we wait, see some other trailers released this month that will blow you away.