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Will There Be An Oak Island Season 10?

When you're young, the idea of becoming a world-famous treasure hunter couldn't sound more exciting. The prospect of packing up gear, journeying into the unknown, and unearthing riches beyond imagination is the stuff of dreams, but for many of us, that's where the intrigue ends. The process of becoming a treasure hunter isn't easy, practical, or financially wise, hence why so few people end up doing it. However, some that choose to go against the grain, like siblings Rick and Marty Lagina, have managed to reach an incredibly rare level of success.

After spending their childhood envisioning a day when they could excavate Oak Island — a small landmass off the coast of Nova Scotia that's said to house legendary artifacts and treasures –, the Laginas set out to do it as adults. They've chronicled their adventures through the hit series "The Curse of Oak Island," which debuted on the small screen in January of 2014 and is still going strong. At the time of this writing, it's currently up to nine seasons that span nearly 150 episodes, but some viewers are growing increasingly skeptical about how much longer the program can last.

It's time to ask the big question: will there be a "Curse of Oak Island" Season 10? Here's what we know as well as what we think about the chances of it coming to fruition in the coming years.

Oak Island Season 10 isn't confirmed, but is it necessary?

When "The Curse of Oak Island" first hit the airwaves, it came out of the gate strong. It hooked viewers with a unique premise and assured them that they were on the cusp of witnessing history as the dig progressed. Considering the many rumors and legends surrounding Oak Island, one would imagine they've stumbled upon something significant and delivered on this promise after all these years, right? Not exactly. Throughout the past nine seasons, the Oak Island team has made several discoveries, but nothing overly impressive. As a result, fans have begun to voice their frustration with the show, thus casting doubt on the necessity of a Season 10.

At the time of this writing, "The Curse of Oak Island" has not been renewed for a Season 10, but that could certainly change as 2022 kicks off. Season 9 is still very much underway and extends to the middle of January, so it's most likely that if a Season 10 announcement is to go public, it will then or shortly after. If it doesn't, though, the legacy of Oak Island isn't about to fade away any time soon. Following the short-lived "Curse of Civil War Gold," 2020 saw the arrival of "Beyond Oak Island," which puts the spotlight on treasure hunts from across the globe, how they began, and where they're at in the present day.

Has "The Curse of Oak Island" run its course? Or is there still ground to cover with a tenth season? Only time will tell as fans await official confirmation of what will become of the show in the future.