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The House Of Gucci Scene That Went Too Far

It's easy to think your family is dysfunctional, but hopefully they're not as disastrous as the title family at the center of "House of Gucci." Based on the true story of the fall of the Gucci fashion empire, the glamorous new Ridley Scott film depicts the clashes between Maurizio Gucci (Adam Driver) and his uncle Aldo (Al Pacino), as well as his cousin Paolo (Jared Leto). Goaded by wife Patrizia (Lady Gaga), Maurizio tries to take control of the company, but betrayal, murder, and heartbreak eventually poison the family for good.

While the new drama has received mixed reviews according to Rotten Tomatoes, the over the top tone in "House of Gucci" has gotten praised by critics. David Rooney commented that the campy film is "a trashtacular watch that I wouldn't have missed for the world" (via The Hollywood Reporter).

However, fans do agree that one scene in "House of Gucci" may have gone too far, even for the outrageous atmosphere the movie cultivates.

The urination scene went too far for viewers

The element of "House of Gucci" that has received the most backlash is Jared Leto's eccentric performance as Paolo, so it makes sense that he came up with the most over the top, controversial scene in the movie, too. It was Leto who thought that instead of Paolo burning the scarf his uncle Rodolfo (Jeremy Irons) made for Princess Grace Kelly, he should urinate on it instead (via Moviemaker).

But Leto's "bizarre, farcical, distractingly cartoonish character" doesn't seem to add to the movie's trashy allure, but only drags it down further, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. Similarly, Redditor u/GruxKing wrote in a "House of Gucci" Reddit thread that the actor was "a total distraction and departure from the tone and feel of the rest of the movie."

The way the "Suicide Squad" actor stood out from the rest of "House of Gucci" was only made worse by his makeup. u/boundaryrider noticed that instead of Leto, "[the producers] could have chosen a better fit for the role instead of spending all that money on his salary and prosthetics." Yet as Twitter user @thewindsofwolvs pointed out, Leto still didn't look like the real Paolo Gucci.

Others, like Adam Nayman of The Ringer, weren't even sure if Leto's acting in the movie was good or bad: "He either deserves an Oscar or should be sent to the Hague." Luckily, "House of Gucci" is still in theaters for those who want to judge the character for themselves.