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Jackie Chan Gets Serious In The Foreigner Trailer

Jackie Chan shows off his dramatic side in the first trailer for his upcoming thriller The Foreigner, in which the action star will play Quan, a restaurant owner who becomes hell-bent on revenge after his daughter is killed in an IRA bombing.

The trailer begins by showing Quan's daughter's death, with the father right outside when his daughter was killed. He quickly begins on his quest for revenge, offering the police 20,000 pounds for the names of the bombers, but is denied. He continues to show up searching for the culprits, and during his search encounters Pierce Brosnan's Liam Hennessy, a British government minister and former IRA member tasked with finding the culprits.

While Hennessy says he doesn't know who the bombers are, Quan doesn't believe him, and he begins to threaten and attack Hennessy and his men as he tries to find out the truth. "You will tell me the names of the bombers," Quan says. Quan, who Hennessy's men guess may be former special forces, is ahead of them every step of the way. "You have no idea who you're dealing with," Hennessy tells him. "Yes, I do," he responds. "Do you?" 

Chan is in full action form throughout the trailer, but the serious role is a huge departure from what he has done in the past. "It's a very unique role for him, not what you'd expect of Jackie Chan," director Martin Campbell told USA Today. "He's playing a dead-straight role, a very quiet, determined old man with a singular focus of tracking down whoever killed his daughter." Chan said that it was important to him to embody the dramatic spirit of the role, saying he wanted to play it "with a lot of emotion."

Don't worry, though– Chan was still his usual hilarious self on set. "The days that we worked together started with joviality," said Brosnan. "And they ended in absolute anguish and medieval violence. Jackie has a wonderful sense of humor. But once that bell went off, that was it."

The Foreigner also stars Liu Tao, Katie Leung, and Manolo Cardona. Campbell (Casino Royale) directs based on a script from Live Free or Die Hard's David Marconi. The movie is set for an Oct. 13 release; in the meantime, see some of the other trailers released this month that will blow you away.