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Why Dallas Patterson From Chicago Fire Looks So Familiar

Do you think you have a tough job? You'll gain a newfound appreciation for all of the hard work and sacrifice brave firefighters have to go through once you watch even just a couple of episodes of "Chicago Fire."

Numerous actors have portrayed amazing firefighters on the NBC series, most notably Lieutenant Matthew Casey (Jesse Spencer) and Lieutenant Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney). They've led the charge at Rescue Squad 3 with a number of workers under their ranks, but that doesn't always mean they've seen eye to eye with everyone. That was abundantly clear in the Season 4 arc featuring the newest officer on the force — Dallas Patterson (Brian White). Dallas is capable in his line of work, but Kelly believes he's out for his job, so he keeps a watchful eye on him to make sure he isn't up to any funny business. 

He may have only been on nine episodes of "Chicago Fire," but he more than made an impact. And actor Brian White has quite an extensive career under his belt with plenty of roles you've likely seen him in before.

Brian White showed his tough side in Brick

Brian White's filmography dates back to the late 1990s with roles in the likes of "Felicity" and "Moesha." However, many viewers out there were probably first introduced him for his 2005 role in Rian Johnson's "Brick." He played Brad Bramish, a football star who co-hosts the party Brendan (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) crashes toward the beginning of the movie so that he can acquire more information on the drugs circulating the high school campus. 

Later in the film, Brendan tries to get more information out of Brad since he's a known drug user, but he just ends up getting the crud beat out of him before he manages to get back on his feet and deliver the finishing blow. It's a great sequence in how it shows how scrappy Brendan is. He's not the buffest guy in the world, and he looks downright diminutive standing next to Brad. But he has perseverance, which goes a long way in solving the case.

He stayed in genre fare with The Cabin in the Woods

Brian White doesn't exactly have a ton of experience in horror flicks, which perhaps made him the perfect choice to play Truman in "The Cabin in the Woods." Truman works security for the organization in charge of the titular cabin in the woods, where a sacrifice of several teens is necessary to keep an ancient evil at bay. Seeing as how he's new to the team, he asks a lot of questions, serving as the audience surrogate so that we're clued into pertinent information at the same time he is. 

It was an exciting opportunity to dip his toes into something new, as the actor related in an interview with Shock Ya!, stating, "I was drawn to the project to try something new, to challenge myself and to work with new and amazing people. Simply, I think Joss Whedon is a genius and he happens to also be an icon in this genre. And my philosophy is to make every effort to work with 'the best' and he's tops in the horror/comedy/sci-fi realm. So ... when he extended the offer to join him on this ride, he didn't have to ask me twice!" And as luck would have it, White showed off his horror acumen when his character finally comes face-to-face with monsters, which doesn't end exactly the way he had hoped.

Brian White showcased his dramatic chops on Ray Donovan

In addition to "Chicago Fire," Brian White has many television show credits to his name, including playing recurring characters on the likes of "Scandal," "Ambitions," and "Monogamy." However, those parts have a tough time holding a candle to what's arguably his most iconic role to date — Jay White in Showtime's "Ray Donovan." The show follows the titular fixer as he helps perform illicit activities for the rich and famous, and few people in this world are as famous as actor-rapper-producer Jay White.

He starred in 11 episodes of the drama series across its fifth and sixth seasons, ending his guest spot right before Showtime canceled the series after airing Season 7. However, "Ray Donovan" fans don't have much to worry about. "Ray Donovan: The Movie" is set to come out on January 14, 2022 to help wrap up the story in a way that should hopefully satiate fans' needs. And while White may not appear in the film, you can be sure there are plenty of other projects coming up you can catch him in.