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The Weird Thing Kristen Bell Kept In Her Mouth While Filming The Good Place

Kristen Bell has loaned her acting chops to many projects from Disney movies such as "Frozen" to adult comedies like "Bad Moms." Her acting range is quite impeccable, showing a lot of range -– being able to voice the playful Anna, but also get rowdy as Kiki alongside Kathryn Hahn and Mila Kunis.

Bell got her start as an uncredited character in "Polish Wedding" before her breakout role as the lead in the teen drama "Veronica Mars." After the show's conclusion, Bell continued to find success starring in classics like "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" with Jason Segel and voicing the narrator in "Gossip Girl."

She has managed to stay active all these years with "The Good Place" just ending in early 2020. Bell played the show's main character Eleanor Shellstrop, who is shocked to find herself in heaven -– which is called "The Good Place" in the show –- after unexpectedly dying. However, Eleanor and three of her co-inhabitants become suspicious of what's really going on around them and she ultimately realizes that they are not in heaven, but actually hell, or "The Bad Place."

"The Good Place" was a hilarious comedy, so fans may be wondering what kind of shenanigans may have happened behind the scenes while filming. Through the show's Season 2 blooper reel, fans were able to discover one of those very moments.

Kristen Bell kept gum in her mouth while filming

In a digital exclusive Season 2 blooper reel, Michael (Ted Danson) is pulling paper out of Kristen Bell's mouth for the scene they are filming. Bell notices that the gum she had in her mouth is stuck to the paper saying, "Oh no, my gum is on there. I'm so sorry, I thought I was keeping it."

Danson jokes back at her saying, "Wow, you did all that good acting with some gum in your mouth?" To which Bell responds, "I always have gum in my mouth!" So apparently, while filming "The Good Place" –- and possibly other projects –- Bell keeps a piece of gum in her mouth and is still able to deliver lines flawlessly.

The blooper reel is full of funny antics and missteps from the series cast, including William Jackson Harper, Manny Jacinto, D'Arcy Carden, Jameela Jamil, and more. "The Good Place" did end in early 2020 as aforementioned, but you can still watch the series on Netflix and the blooper reels on Youtube.