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What BTS Song Does Mindy Sing In Emily In Paris Season 2?

When Emily Cooper (Lily Collins) struggles to find her footing in Season 1 of "Emily in Paris," she finds her way with some help from Mindy Chen (Ashley Parks). 

During Season 1, Mindy, who is the daughter of a Chinese business tycoon, reveals her real aspiration is to become a jazz singer, but a humiliating appearance on the Chinese equivalent of "American Idol" caused her to give up her dreams, flee to Paris, drop out of business school and become a nanny. With some encouragement from Emily, Mindy belts out a memorable version of famed French singer Edith Piaf's "La Vie en Rose" in the middle of a park, and her talent is undeniable. However, it's when Mindy's visiting friends from Shanghai force her to face her fears by singing Sia's "Chandelier" (the song she bungled in front of billions) at a local drag club that Mindy fully regains her confidence.

Throughout Season 2, Mindy — who is fired from her job in Season 1 and moves in with Emily — begins to pursue music full time. Season 2 showcases Parks' talent much more than in Season 1, with Mindy joining two fellow musicians who entertain crowds on the streets of Paris. In fact, in the premiere episode, Mindy sings a familiar pop song by BTS.

Mindy sings Dynamite by BTS

In Season 2, Episode 1, "Voulez-Vous Coucher Avec Moi?," Mindy performs the song "Dynamite" by BTS. Parks told Vogue that the music in the show's sophomore season was a compilation of her "wish list of genres." Parks was eager to do a K-pop song. "I couldn't believe we got the rights to 'Dynamite' by BTS. My favorite thing to do is interpret songs that are well-known and make them my own."

"Dynamite" catapulted BTS into unchartered territory. They became the first Korean pop group to first to garner a Grammy nomination for best pop duo/group performance (via Newsweek).

And if fans of the show who wonder if Parks is actually singing — the answer is a resounding yes! Parks earned a Tony nomination for best featured actress in a musical for her role as Gretchen Weiners in the Broadway production of "Mean Girls" (per Playbill). In fact, "Emily in Paris" creator Darren Star ("Sex and the City") first saw Parks in "Mean Girls" and used Parks' musical background to shape the character of Mindy, who was always supposed to be an heiress, but not necessarily a musician. "We talked about how we would want it to be story driven and not just singing for the singing. So a lot of that backstory developed after the casting and is still in development, you know?" Parks told Vulture.