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Tanner Buchanan Bloopers That Make Us Love Him Even More

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Netflix's wide slate of original content is home to plenty of young, popular stars, from Joey King of the "Kissing Booth" films to "Stranger Things" and "Enola Holmes" standout Millie Bobby Brown. Among this roster of talented Generation Z actors is Tanner Buchanan, who started his career in 2010 and hasn't slowed down for one minute since.

In 2016, Buchanan joined Kiefer Sutherland's post-"24" hit "Designated Survivor" (which moved from ABC to Netflix in September of 2018). Buchanan then went on to play a small yet memorable role as Chad Brad Bradley in "Fuller House" before snagging his biggest opportunity on the streamer yet.

"Cobra Kai," a follow-up to the original "Karate Kid" stories that has become one of Netflix's most popular and beloved series, led by "Karate Kid" mainstays Ralph Macchio and William Zabka as Daniel Larusso and Johnny Lawrence, respectively. Buchanan stars alongside them as Robby Keene, Johnny's troubled son who finds himself in a fair amount of trouble throughout the series. Likely thanks to his work on "Cobra Kai," Buchanan made an even bigger splash in 2021 when he headlined the Netflix reboot "He's All That" alongside TikTok starlet Addison Rae.

Buchanan has given fans plenty of memorable moments in his performances, but if you haven't seen some of his best off-screen moments from "Cobra Kai" and "He's All That," you're seriously missing out. Here are the best Tanner Buchanan bloopers that make us love him even more.

A dramatic — and definitely unscripted — fight

In one outtake from "Cobra Kai," Buchanan really goes for it when his on-again, off-again rival Miguel Diaz (Xolo Maridueña) confronts him during a seemingly peaceful outdoor dinner party. Maridueña, to his credit, really gets this blooper going by apparently addressing Buchanan not as Robby, but as "Tan," screaming, "I thought we had something!" Buchanan, still in character as Robby, retorts, "Who are you?! Are you the dude that was... hugging my dad?!"

From there, the two scream unintelligibly at one another, shoving each other in a pretty unprofessional manner... meaning, in a way they definitely didn't learn at any reputable dojo. Though Buchanan and Maridueña play the entire scene super-seriously, there's no doubt that this is some sort of prank the actors cooked up on their own time, and their shared commitment to the bit only makes them both that much more endearing. Buchanan might play a divisive character on "Cobra Kai," but it's clear that, on set, he's close friends with all of his co-stars.

Karate isn't as always as dramatic as it seems

"Cobra Kai" might be centered around high-stakes, dramatic fights between karate champions from opposing dojos, but off-screen, it seems like the stakes are a little lower... or at least, there's more room to goof around.

In one part of a particular blooper reel, Buchanan's Robby takes a pretty innocuous blow to the shoulder, but instead of continuing on, he exclaims, "Ow!" and demands a free point, which seems at odds with his tougher character. Later, in a fight with Daniel's daughter Samantha LaRusso (​​Mary Mouser), the two are gently landing hits when one of them obviously messes up, eliciting a profane comment and plenty of laughter. That's not the only time Mouser and Buchanan get a laugh out of each other on set, though. During yet another fight scene between the two where they're gently lobbing blows at each other, the two actually go in for a gentle hug, proving that Buchanan and Mouser have a pretty solid relationship off-screen — no matter what's happening between Samantha and Robby at the time.

A phone goes off at the worst possible time

In this modern world, we're bombarded with technology at all times — and sometimes, that technology betrays us. Most often, that comes in the form of a phone's ringtone going off at exactly the wrong time, even though most people probably know to keep their phones set to "vibrate" at this point.

During one scene between Robby and his father Johnny (Zabka) in a hardware store, where the two are seemingly having a difficult discussion, a cell phone conspicuously goes off. Buchanan, however, has a pretty great attitude about the whole thing, and even riffs, saying, "That's a nice phone. I like it." Buchanan and Zabka then laugh about the whole thing as the phone continues to ring. Clearly, a good sense of humor is important whenever there's a blooper on set, and Buchanan, who handles the whole situation perfectly, is totally ready for anything — even a rogue iPhone.

A fall interrupts a very real moment

Sometimes the funniest bloopers are ones that happen in the background of an otherwise successful scene. In one moment where Daniel is having a serious talk with somebody just off-screen, Buchanan's Robby and Mouser's Sam are just behind the star... until everything goes totally wrong.

Behind Daniel, who's playing everything extremely straight, Buchanan and Mouser are walking behind him, until Mouser completely wipes out. Mouser is no stranger to physical bloopers on the "Cobra Kai" set — her rollerblading goof has become the stuff of legend — but even so, Buchanan can't help but crack up, and it's hard to blame him. From there, Macchio hears the two laughing and loses it too, sending the entire scene into chaos. When a professional like Macchio starts laughing, that's a sure sign that nobody else will be able to hold it together, but the whole thing is still a pretty delightful scene, even if it doesn't stick to the original script.

Wax on, wax off, catch flies

Students at the Cobra Kai school of karate definitely learn all sorts of skills, but exterminating bugs probably isn't one of them. In one particular off-screen moment, however, Buchanan proves that his karate teachings extend to dealing with stray wildlife.

During yet another outtake with Daniel at the forefront, a bug flies into Demetri's (Gianni DeCenzo) mouth, and then seems to attack Sam, who frantically bats it away. Casually, Buchanan bats the bugs away as well before breaking into laughter, distracting Macchio, who realizes that the situation has just spiraled out of control. Bug outbreaks definitely happen, and clearly, all the karate training in the world won't help when several people break out in giggles over a rogue bug.

A new dance move

In "He's All That," Buchanan's Cameron Kweller is something of a sardonic soul until he starts spending time with Padgett Sawyer (Addison Rae), and he begins to loosen up a little around her crowd of "cool kids." Even though Cameron is unknowingly at the center of a friendly wager over whether Padgett can turn him into a prom king, he and Padgett really do form a true connection and enjoy each other's company.

One of the first scenes that shows how Cameron starts to lift his social guard a bit around Padgett comes when they find themselves at a pool party, and, after she struggles to find her rhythm at karaoke, he jumps in to lend a hand — and his voice — to help her on stage. Naturally, the process of filming this lighthearted scene gave way to some off-camera levity, and Buchanan didn't hold back in showing off his real-life goofiness in the moment. To get into the spirit of the sing-song moment, Buchanan decided to do a little dance that was even more energetic than what we see unfold in the film — all while keeping a straight face. Of course, that wasn't the only time Buchanan got extra cheesy in the film's outtakes; while filming a car ride scene for the film, he also broke character in a big way by putting on a massively goofy grin for the cameras.

A prank to end all pranks

Considering how much of a presence TikTok has throughout the events of "He's All That," the cast of the film got to have a lot of fun channeling their inner influencer on the social media site while giving fans some sublime behind-the-scenes goodies all the while. And while Cameron might not be the biggest fan of live streaming his every move, it appears that Buchanan is a little more bold about his own digital presence because he's part of what is perhaps the funniest — and most revealing — unscripted nugget of all.

During production on the early scene with Jordan Van Draanan's (Peyton Meyer) big music video shoot, which turns into a very publicized point of humiliation for Padgett as she walks in on her then-boyfriend getting too cozy with his dancer Aniston (Vanessa Dubasso), the cast pulled off the ultimate surprise and shared the results on social media. Buchanan decided to surprise co-star Peyton Meyer with a bit of a costume swap, stepping out while wearing Aniston's gold bikini and mini-skirt and declaring himself ready to start the scene. As stunned as Meyer was at the sight of this little co-star switcheroo, and Buchanan sporting this belly-baring dancer gear, it didn't take long for him to get in on the joke and play right along with the good fun.