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People Of Earth Season 2 Teaser Reveals Aliens Among Us

Nothing is quite as it seems in this clever teaser for the TBS comedy People of Earth.

Although the clip looks like a pretty basic promo for the tourism bureau of Beacon, New York, a closer look shows that aliens are actually everywhere. Sometimes it's obvious (like when we see ships fly over a baseball field), other times, you really have to search. It's like a really fun game of "Where's Waldo?" that you'll probably have to watch twice.

Executive-produced by Conan O'Brien and Greg Daniels, the offbeat comedy follows an alien abductee (Wyatt Cenac) who is part of a support group in a quaint, quiet town that's actually the site of a really low-key invasion. 

The show co-starsAna Gasteyer, Nasim Pedrad, Oscar Nuñez, Michael Cassidy, Alice Wetterlund, and Luka Jones.

People of Earth returns July 24. Until then, check out a few other TV shows that will blow everyone away this year.