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The Major Worry Arcane Fans Have About Season 2

Netflix's latest foray into video game adaptations, Riot Games' "Arcane," based on "League of Legends," blew audiences away with its gorgeous animation and strong, emotional character beats. Despite its origins, the series doesn't require any knowledge of the game to enjoy it, though audiences familiar with "League of Legends" lore will certainly know more about the characters and setting going into it.

After such a smashing success, fans are eagerly looking forward to Season 2, wondering what will come next. Season 1 ends explosively — with trigger-happy Jinx (Ella Purnell), wielding her personally designed Hextech weapon, launching a potentially devastating rocket at the Piltover Council meeting just as they are agreeing to peace with Zaun, the undercity. 

Everything is bound to be left in pieces as soon as the smoke clears, but we won't know what that looks like for some time. Riot Games CEO Nicolo Laurent announced on Twitter that Season 2 is coming, but not in 2022. Well, that leaves plenty of time for fans to worry about what Season 2 of "Arcane" will be like, and it looks like they already are.

Will Season 2 live up to the high bar set by Season 1?

At this point, with little knowledge about Season 2 of "Arcane," the main worry is purely that it won't live up to the excellent first season. Not long after the release of the last episodes of "Arcane" Season 1, Reddit user jasc92 took to the Arcane subreddit to express this concern, writing, "I fear Arcane is to [sic] perfect for its own good. I fear that if season 2 delivers anything less than 99% perfection, people are going to b**** and rage about it." 

Season 1 currently holds a 100% critics score on Rotten Tomatoes, with the audience score just behind that at 97% — so it's a high bar to live up to. Still, u/moodRubicund pointed out that Season 1 actually isn't perfect: "I think in times like this it's important to realise even Season 1 had a few flaws and hiccups, if only to level our own expectations." Other users expressed their hope that the production team won't rush Season 2 and will instead take the time needed to make it great.

Of course, Season 2 is already at a disadvantage, simply due to the fact that Season 1 is such a novelty. "Season one is our first time seeing something like this," u/yoon1ac wrote, continuing, "Next season will probably be awesome, but I doubt something will hit this hard for a long time. Season 1 is a generational masterpiece." Other fans of the show noted that they'll be able to appreciate Season 1 on its own no matter what happens with later seasons. Then there's u/Kobe_AYEEEEE, who quoted Silco's (Jason Spisak) heartbreaking last words to Jinx to express their opinion on the situation — "Me to Arcane Season 2 even if its worse: You're perfect."