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This Is Where Yellowstone Season 4 Was Actually Filmed

Since 2018, "Yellowstone" has served as television's biggest Western drama — covering Montana's expansive cattle ranch industry and local issues involving the fictional Dutton family. But how much of the current Season 4 is actually filmed in Big Sky Country?

For previous seasons, production was typically split between Montana and Utah. For instance, several rooms from the Dutton family ranch were actually recreated and filmed on sound stages at the Utah Film Studio in Park City, Utah (via The Salt Lake Tribune). In order to construct a realistic interior, producers reportedly had logs shipped in from Montana and did other things to add to the authenticity of the scenes. The Tribune reported in 2020 that more than 20 locations in Utah were used for "Yellowstone." This included sound stages and outdoor locations across Ogden, Utah, which was supposed to mimic Bozeman, Montana, a prominent location in the show.

When it came time to shoot Season 4, show creator Taylor Sheridan apparently felt it would be better to streamline production and bring everything to one state rather than going back and forth between the two. Here's where he chose to plant his "Yellowstone" roots. 

Season 4 was filmed solely in Montana for the first time ever

According to local CBS affiliate KPAX, the fourth season of "Yellowstone" was moved to the Missoula Valley region of Montana and shot there in its entirety. The outlet reported that it was the very first time in the show's history that production wasn't shared between Utah and Montana. 

Season 4 was ultimately shot during Montana's "fall shoulder season" when unemployment is usually on the rise and the economy is down. "With filming active in that period between summer and skiing, this will be a nice boost in activity for the community," said Matt Mellott of Sterling CRZE Advisors of Missoula, which helped broker the production move back in August. "With 150 folks on site, that's a great opportunity for local restaurants, bars, breweries and hotels to capture more business," Mellott said at the time, continuing, "Montana is poised to welcome productions of this size and caliber." 

According to Deseret News, a big reason for the switch is the tax incentive programs for each state, as Utah has a limit for the amount of money TV shows get for producing the show in Utah. On the other hand, Montana just increased the amount of money movies and television productions can receive from $10 million to $12 million, making the move even more justifiable for "Yellowstone" (NBC Montana).

While the show will continue to be available on Paramount+, Season 4 of "Yellowstone" will officially end on January 2, 2022. The network has not yet announced a fifth season, but a renewal seems likely.