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The CSI Scene That Aged Poorly

"CSI" is a juggernaut of television, having produced a staggering amount of impressive ratings and a host of successful spin-offs such as "CSI: Miami." With the current "CSI: Vegas," the franchise only continues to add to its already impressive legacy, and "CSI" is so popular that it even managed to change real-life criminal investigations. But the real world of forensic science and police work isn't the only thing that "CSI" has found itself affecting.

Celebrity guests from the world of pop music often appear on network television shows, and sometimes, these appearances can prove mutually beneficial for both the show and the featured star. The right appearance can bolster ratings for a show and serve as a solid credit towards a stellar Hollywood resume for the guest. With the vast star power of Justin Bieber, it's possible that his two guest appearances as the character Jason McCann in Season 11 of "CSI" definitely drew additional viewers thanks to his legion of "Beliebers." But as far as granting the pop sensation a shining example of his acting skills, it's arguable that his last outing in "CSI" instead gave us a scene that aged poorly.

Justin Bieber's death scene in CSI is unintentionally silly

In Season 11 of "CSI," Bieber appears as the serial killer Justin McCann, a dangerous murderer who specifically targets police officers with bombs. In retrospect, the casting decision of the then-teenaged Bieber as the show's villain for a few episodes wasn't a wrong choice. His acting is passable, and the tragic arc of his character's story is engaging. But one scene comes into question. In the conclusive episode, "Targets of Obsession," his character meets his ultimate demise when he engages in a police shootout that leaves him riddled with bullets.

As time has passed, the absurdity of the shootout scene has become more pronounced. Bieber, usually known for his choreographed dancing in shows and music videos, comedically flops about before slightly pausing to do what looks like check for a mat to fall on. But we can't place all the blame on the pop star for the unintentional silliness of the scene. After all, the police  on "CSI" decide to check for a pulse after filling his body with enough wounds to make a "Mortal Kombat" combatant jealous, and it just adds another humorous wrinkle to what should have been a powerful ending. 

The upside to this scene is that it serves as a unique time capsule into internet humor roughly around 2011. From spliced videos in which the Predator takes out the Canadian star on YouTube, to Reddit forums dedicated to a gif of the infamous scene, people were poking a lot of fun. Even some media (via 100.5 The River) could occasionally be seen trying to use the scene for some rude clickbait headlines.