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The Archer Scene That Went Too Far

"Archer" is a series that relishes in having its main characters be awful people. From the way protagonist Sterling Archer (H. Jon Benjamin) abuses his butler, Woodhouse (along with everyone else around him), to the way Malory Archer (Jessica Walter) treats her employees like simple pawns, the series has no shame in showing people commit the worst sins imaginable just for their own selfish gain. Even a "morally righteous" character like Lana (Aisha Tyler) is so twisted that she once impregnated herself with Archer's stolen sperm simply because she knew it would bother him.

Such an act is potentially one of the most manipulative and messed-up things a person can do to another person, especially someone they used to date. However, it's small potatoes compared to the worst thing the "Archer" gang has done. Even in a show about emotionally manipulative killers, the writers of "Archer" still found a way to write a scene that just went too far.

The Archer gang once drugged and sexually abused Cyril

In the Season 2 episode "Blood Test," it is discovered that Archer potentially fathered a baby with a sex worker named Trinnette. In order to get out of fatherhood, Archer sets up a paternity test but orchestrates a plan to substitute his blood with Cyril's (Chris Parnell). In order to do this, he and the others drug Cyril with Woodhouse's (George Coe) heroin stash before stealing his blood. As messed up as all of that is, however, the real kicker comes when Pam (Amber Nash) attempts to sexually assault Cyril. Luckily, she is stopped by Lana. But, when everyone else leaves, Ray sneaks back in while unzipping his pants, implying that he successfully assaults the drugged Cyril.

Several fans on Reddit have listed this as one of the worst things any members of the "Archer" squad have done. "At first it was funny," wrote Redditor u/CrumblingAway, "but on a second viewing I realized that was f***ing wrong."

"[The worst thing on 'Archer' is] Pam being a rapist, which gets overlooked a lot," wrote user u/howco22.

While it is implied that Cyril doesn't remember the event, and thus, isn't traumatized by it, it's still one of the most horrible things any "Archer" character has ever done, especially when you consider that Pam is a serial offender. Granted, it seems like no evil act is off the table on "Archer." Murder, mayhem, and emotional manipulation are all fine, but perhaps that list shouldn't include making light of rape.