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Will There Be A Dickinson Season 4?

A young actress with incredibly diverse roles, there is a reason why Hailee Steinfeld looks familiar. She was nominated for an Academy Award for "True Grit" (via IMDb), sang a cappella in "Pitch Perfect," and her humor and charisma have translated easily in the anachronistic Apple TV+ series, "Dickinson."

The series follows famous female poet Emily Dickinson in a light we have never seen before. The show takes place in the era of Dickinson's poetry, but the Apple TV+ vehicle takes many liberties after that point. It uses Dickinson's poetry as a point of reference to draw parallels to modern life. Modern music and slang is often used in a mashup of new and old (via The Atlantic).

"Dickinson" Season 3 was released this November, focusing on Emily's experience in the Civil War. With such a dramatic season, fans are naturally asking the question: Will we see a Season 4?

Dickinson will end after Season 3

Unfortunately for fans of the show, Season 3 of "Dickinson" will be its last. This is bittersweet, as creator and showrunner Alena Smith stated that three seasons had always been the end goal. "When I set out to make 'Dickinson,' I envisioned the show as a three-season journey that would tell the origin story of America's greatest female poet in a whole new way, highlighting Emily's relevance and resonance to our society today," Smith said perĀ The Hollywood Reporter.

Smith is confident that the show will satisfy expectations. Emily grapples with fame and her place as a poet. This is a story that can resonate with any fan or artist. Because the real life Emily Dickinson only achieved fame after her death, "Dickinson" uses heightened reality to demonstrate Emily's significance and contradict common misconceptions about the poet (via The Hollywood Reporter). Emily Dickinson lived a full life that many people often forget. Her importance may not have been evident during her lifetime, but "Dickinson" uses these devices to portray a notable historic figure.

"Dickinson" may be gone, but the series blazed a trail with its inventive storytelling.