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The New Uncharted Trailer Has Fans Losing Their Minds

The hunt for buried treasure has inspired countless stories. There's just something about the epic quest of finding riches beyond our wildest imagination that catches audience's attention. It's likely for this reason the "Uncharted" video game series has been so successful over the years. Plenty of gamers have stepped into the shoes of renowned explorer Nathan Drake as he searches for one treasure after the next, often venturing deep into jungles and treachery to get his hands on gold and other one-of-a-kind valuables.

It's easy to see how that kind of story would translate effortlessly onto the big screen, and after many false starts and delays thanks to a little pandemic, the "Uncharted" movie is finally coming to theaters. Starring Tom Holland in the lead role of Nate Drake as well as the likes of Mark Wahlberg, Antonio Banderas, and Sophia Ali, the film has everything you could want out of a globetrotting adventure. And the latest trailer is bound to get you into the treasure-hunting spirit, as evidenced by fans' reactions.

Fans think the latest trailer promises a faithful adaptation of the games

The trailer sets up everything you need to know about the dynamics of the film. Nathan Drake is a young treasure hunter who falls into an expedition with the more experienced Victor "Sully" Sullivan (Wahlberg). By the looks of it, they have their sights set on several valuable artifacts throughout the film's runtime, the first being a jewel-encrusted cross before they're led to a remote island with an old ship waiting for them. 

Judging from the trailer, it looks like the movie has done an admirable job translating elements from the video games into a live-action setting. Fans of the games have taken notice, and underneath the YouTube video, you'll find plenty of comments from fans waiting to see their favorite video game franchise make it to the big screen. One user even writes, "This is the whole game turned into a movie. Everything is spot on! Can't wait!!"

The thing that should get casual audiences excited is the fact this trailer has the stamp of approval from fans of the games, as another user states, "I have been a fan of Uncharted for a long time, so I think when the movie [comes] out on IMAX it [won't] be a disappointment." Check out the trailer for yourself to see if this is something up your alley. If it is, you'll want to mark February 18, 2022 on your calendar because that's when "Uncharted" comes exclusively to theaters.