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Why The Matrix Resurrections Has Fans So Divided

The original "Matrix" trilogy is one of the most hotly contested franchises in movie history. The first is seen as a masterpiece of science-fiction, an expert blending of action and philosophy. Depending on who you ask, the subsequent two sequels could range in quality from dirt poor to misunderstood works of art. It's all a matter of perspective, and things have only grown more complicated with the series' legacy with the latest installment, "The Matrix Resurrections."

The fact that the movie has been made available in movie theaters and on HBO Max simultaneously gives fans more options than ever before to enjoy the sequel. If they choose to watch it at home, they can rewind and really take in certain moments. Some lines require multiple watches to appreciate genuinely, and that's where a major point of contention has arisen among fans. 

According to social media, some fans hate the film while others believe it's misunderstood. It's a tale as old as time for "The Matrix" franchise, but what do you think?

Some fans insist you have to watch The Matrix Resurrections multiple times to appreciate it

An in-depth discussion has come about on Reddit between "Matrix" fans. Redditor u/zakaghbal kicked things off with a massive rant against "The Matrix Resurrections," criticizing everything from the story to the cinematography. The user culminates in saying, "As a huge fan of the Matrix I'm so [disappointed]. This should have never seen the light of day. I will try my best to pretend it never happened."

It sparked quite a discussion, with some people agreeing with the original poster and others offering a different take. Redditor u/kurious794 presented this opinion: "The first time I saw it I had your same reaction. On a second view I focused on other things out the plot. For example, Analyst lines are brilliant. I [lose] myself in the movie without the first impression conditioning me. And it went better." What's intriguing is that the comment seems to have gotten through to u/zakaghbal, who returns to comment, "Mmm that's interesting. I'm almost tempted to book a ticket for IMAX on Friday."

Does "The Matrix Resurrections" warrant rewatches? For some, it may require a single watch to realize they have a masterpiece on their hands. For others, it may take some getting used to, and even then, there's no guarantee they'll enjoy it more. Everyone's different, so follow those immortal words — "You do you."