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The Christmas Comedy That's Unexpectedly Taking Over Netflix

When December rolls around every year, there is one thing we always look forward to — revisiting our favorite Christmas movies. From the funny holiday capers to the touching ones that make us cry, we love the classics like "A Christmas Story, "It's A Wonderful Life," "Elf," "Love Actually," and "The Holiday." 

Not long ago, Christmas season meant getting the box of holiday DVDs out of storage. These days, thanks to the many streaming sites out there, we can always count on a few new hits to join our must-watch list on each holiday season. Sometimes we're in the mood for a predictable romantic story, but other times, we want some holiday antics, á la "Home Alone." And if you're in the mood for some more festive hijinks, "Grumpy Christmas" is a can't-miss watch.

"Grumpy Christmas," which is also titled "Una navidad no tan padre" in its original Spanish, is a Mexican film about a cranky old man Don Servando (Hector Bonilla) and his family. The family is spending Christmas with his daughter-in-law's aunt Alicia (Angelica Maria) and Don is determined to show Alicia who it is that's really in charge in the family. As you can expect, a hilarious battle ensues. 

Grumpy Christmas has everything you want in a holiday film

"Grumpy Christmas" is actually a sequel to 2016's "The Patriarch ("Un padre no tan padre" in Spanish) which follows the chaos of Don Servando, aka "Grumpy Grandpa," first moving in with his son Fran (Benny Ibarra) and his wife Alma (Jacqueline Bracamontes) after getting kicked out of his retirement home for disruptive behavior. 

By the time this sequel rolls around, though, it seems Don hasn't learned his lesson — because he is determined to assert his power at Christmas, even if causes a headache for everyone else involved. However, there may be some surprisingly romantic feelings in the air between Don and host Alicia — if both can set their petty differences aside, that is.

The film has everything you could possibly want in a Christmas film, including wacky pranks, heartfelt family moments, and a touch of romance. "Grumpy Christmas" also takes place in a beautiful Mexican beachside town, the perfect antidote for the chilly winter days you yourself might be experiencing, and a different setting from most of the holiday flicks you line up every year. If you're looking for an easy to watch Christmas flick for the whole family — and maybe want a good chance to practice your Spanish a bit, as well — you can't go wrong with "Grumpy Christmas," which is now streaming on Netflix.